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Coastal Living with Marisol Gullo

Coastal Living with Marisol Gullo

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With so many new residents flocking into our once
small and sleepy town, the demand for coastal
luxury homes has never been in more demand. And there
is none other than twenty year resident and owner of one
of the Gulf Coasts most popular home furnishings and
interior design stores Marisol Gullo of Not Too Shabby to
walk us through the process.Marisol and her Husband Tony
Gullo own and operate Not Too Shabby Interiors, with two
locations in Miramar Beach and Inlet Beach.
Marisol Gullo has been designing and furnishing
homes on the Gulf Coast for over 15 years. She was also
the 2017 Walton County artist of the year as well as an
attorney by trade. We were able to get much insight on
her thoughts and ideas on how to put it all together.

“The art of designing a coastal home can be a very stressful
process for some people who do not live here full time.”
Marisol said. “The design of your coastal home should be a
fun process, not a stressful one however, it is important to
realize that it is a specific look, and if you do not live here or
around this type of design and décor, you shouldn’t expect
yourself to understand how to put it all together and make
it flow. Getting outside help from a local designer is never
a bad idea.” Says Marisol. “You have to be very careful in
the items you choose for your home and try to remember
there is a BIG difference between coastal and beachy” she
says with a laugh. “It can be a fine line to walk, but if you’re
not careful you can easily find yourself in the “beachy zone”
instead of a relaxed and elegant coastal home.”

Marisol explained to us that she feels LESS IS MORE. Balance
is key when it comes to coastal decor. Marisol recommends
choosing neutrals for your larger pieces and then accessorizing
accordingly. “I like to keep it very neutral with my larger
selections of furnishings. Lots of whites, soft greys, and
topes. “The key to pulling it off is to bring in your colors
with the art, pillows, rugs and lamps. Let that be your pop
of color” she says. “That way you can easily change your
look for seasons or what not without having to refurnish
your home.”

“Lighting!!” says Marisol. “Lighting is key to any
home regardless of the look you want. Beautiful chandeliers
and lighting. The lighting is the makeup of your home.
These are items you will not be changing out frequently,
so choosing the appropriate lighting is a MUST”. I am also
a big believer in high-end wallpaper. I like to use this in
the half baths and on one wall of a bedroom as an accent”
Marisol said.

“Coastal design is all about creating a cool and
effortless vibe. Think about the natural colors inspired
by the sky, the sand, and the sea.” She says. “its kind of
funny, but when I get done designing someones beautiful
beach home, they usually tell me it looks better than their
primary home. But I’ve always felt that if you do a coastal
contemporary design correct, it’s a great look for your
home no matter where you live. Beautiful is beautiful.”
Two Locations
9755 US-98, Miramar Beach
12805 U.S. Hwy 98 East, Inlet Beach, Suite P101

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