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Brendan Parker Art

Mixed media artist Brendan Parker, a totally self-taught artist primarily working with epoxy resin to…

CL Aluma Designs
CL Aluma Designs

A visionary’s journey from Pensacola to Paris, and back. by Winston Perkins Photos by CL…

Tim Ludvigsen – A Captivating Legacy

Tim Ludvigsen is an experienced executive portrait andlandscape photographer with more than 35 years of…

Destin Artist Sherri Springer • Dancing in Acrylic

When Destin artist Sherri Springer decided to focus on art as a career in 2020,…


Taking a DEEP DIVE into the life and work of underwater photographer Romona Robbins Reynolds.…

Fostering the Artists of the Future

A new exhibit in Pensacola showcases works by artists who’ve generously donated pieces to fund…

Artist Brenden Parker
Coastal Palette

Artist Brendan Parker transforms epoxy resin on canvas into one-of-a-kind works. Brendan Parker, a mixed-media…

Luna Fine Art Gallery • Every Child Is An Artist
“Every Child Is an Artist”

Pablo Picasso’s words couldn’t ring truer when it comes to the quality works created by…

Blue Angels Photographer, Laura Bogan
Laura Bogan • Blue Angels Photographer

No one captures the splendor, inspiration, or exhilaration of the Gulf Coast quite like photographer…

Photographer Clyde Butcher
Photographer Clyde Butcher • A Man for All Seasons

Clyde Butcher is a photographer who has been compared to the great Ansel Adams, an…