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Embracing Abundance and Gratitude: The Art of De Camille

Embracing Abundance and Gratitude: The Art of De Camille

Lighthouse Artwork
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De Camille Painting Lighthouse

“How gentle are you on yourself when you make a mistake or are stressed out? How do you keep your cup full?” To mixed media artist Camille Schectman, (known as ‘De Camille’) her client’s shared inner journey inspires her uniquely emotional artwork.

“Art became my main focus when I was very young. During high school at the California State Summer School for the Arts, later for a year in Paris during college, and ever since. I also longed to be a great mother but wasn’t sure if it was all possible. I wanted it so much that I got was stressed out, and could not receive my dreams. I was desperate to break this cycle of negativity.”

It was Camille’s particular goal to become a better parent and role model, especially when life was stressful. “I realized that negativity was arising from my lack of gratitude. There was obvious abundance in my life, but I had focused on what I thought was missing. There is discontent and darkness in that perspective. So, I sought to step out of the darkness, to release my limiting beliefs, and to allow the Universe to support my dream.

After this shift, a new kind of work took shape in the Manifestation Art Experience (M.A.X.). “I was experimenting, learning how to share the awareness of abundance and gratitude by manifesting it with others through art.”

In the M.A.X., De Camille guides clients via Zoom through breathwork. She collects their personal reflections to inspire her emotionally impactful paintings, each one as unique as the people and emotions they represent. Camille and her clients explore unifying themes such as peace of mind, joy, financial security, love of nature, and bonds between loved ones. “I devote a considerable amount of time to each painting,” she says. The time spent is evident in every finished painting and a growing list of clients. Word of mouth is strong.

Ocean Bliss De Camille“I often receive commissions for people seeking love, or for anniversaries, Legacy of Love art, I call it. I love helping people find the perfect gift for their loved ones or a gift for themselves. Each project is experiential, bonding and consequential, resulting in a personalized and permanent record on canvas.”

‘De Camille’ hosts weekly Facebook live events for her followers, from her M.A.X. and her very popular Ocean Bliss and “Porthole” collections; a compilation of remarkable seascapes and marine compositions. This collection of blissful ocean views strives to raise your vibration. Created as a visual healing tool, these light-filled paintings support you to weather the storms of life with more ease and calm.

“Lately, I’ve found great inspiration in reflections, in sunlit and moonlit scenes,” she says, noting her use of metallic leaf and pearlized paints. “Getting the glimmer just right, I associate the heart and light with the fluidity of water. The sea is transformative. I grew up near the ocean; on both Coasts and on Grenada, in the Caribbean – the sea will always be a special place to me,” De Camille reflects.

Ocean Bliss ArtworkOcean Bliss and “Porthole” works have been shown at wineries and hospitals and she hopes to manifest showing them on cruise ships. Her latest M.A.X. painting was just installed at Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland Oregon, marking her first group commission and involved engaging the healthcare staff, to help remind them to ‘keep their cups full.’

If you would like to pursue a custom commission by De Camille, her 2024 Calendar is open. Go to to view more of her inspired work, to connect with her for commissioned art, or to request to join her Private Facebook group.


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