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Ferrari Monza SP2

Ferrari Monza SP2

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Warmer weather is finally here again, bringing with it bright sun-kissed days, beach trips, and – perhaps most importantly – the call of the open road. For experienced gear heads and luxury car enthusiasts, it should come as no surprise to see the name Ferrari when it comes to sleek, beautiful cars, ideally at home on the open, coastal highways of the Gulf Coast. Even so, the Monza SP2 – first of Ferrari’s new ‘Icona’ series – may offer even the most experienced drivers a fun, new way to take the road this spring.

First and foremost, the Monza SP2 is something of a rarity – with only 499 of the design ever built – making it highly sought after, and the perfect crown jewel to any gear head’s hoard! The SP2 on display at Eastern Shore Luxury Cars, for example, cuts a sharp, space-aged visage courtesy of its sleek, windswept design, and powerful V12, 810cv engine; In fact, the two-seater more closely resembles a nimble fighter aircraft than a land-based automobile on first viewing. The SP2 features a low-slung speedster body with small scissor doors, all fashioned from carbon fiber, the strength of which allows the inclusion of a giant clamshell hood at the front. Lines throughout are spare, forming an elegant, wing-profile reminiscent of 1950s Ferrari barchetta designs. Though the car may elicit thoughts of the Ferraris of yesteryear, the Monza SP2 is a sports car all its own, created without lifting any specific elements from previous design work, or relying too heavily on brand nostalgia.

While SP2 can claim no immediate ancestor, the car is also an homage of sorts – taking inspiration from early Ferrari designs like the 250 Testarossa and 750 Monza. The vehicle adheres to the Ferrari legacy with a 6.5 L V12 capable of 0-60 in 2.9 seconds with top speeds of 186mph. The car’s powerful engine, lifted from the world-famous 812 Superfast, generates 809hp at 8,500rpm and provides the ideal power supply for a car-sharing design elements with vehicles meant to break free of Earth’s gravity. The car’s most distinguishing characteristic, however, is that it’s windowless. While it may seem a disadvantage having no front-facing barrier in a sports car, the SP2 utilizes Ferrari’s ‘virtual windshield’ system, deviating airflow from the driver and passenger without using a screen or windbreak. Because of this, the car’s visual horizon is exemplary, leaving a razor-thin line separating the outer and interior sections, with only the occupant’s heads sticking above the horizon line. This low profile makes the car extremely aerodynamic, fun to drive, and adds even more to the top-down vibes to which the car aspires. While the Monza SP2 is a car fine with taking things slow, it is most happy attacking the road with enthusiasm and a bit of Ferrari grit… the perfect spring car, no matter how you drive.

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