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Beyond the Rails

Beyond the Rails

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For many years commercial and high-end residential construction has incorporated cable railing systems for their sleek design, understated elegance, durability, and affordability. With real estate prices soaring, cable railing systems are increasing in popularity as homeowners seek stylish, modern upgrades that blend seamlessly with their existing architecture and maximize the panoramic views of the Gulf Coast.

Orange Beach installer, Ram Tail, is noted by Building Products Digest as a leading installer and provider of cable rail fittings. In 2014, Ram Tail owner Jim Breland took a chance with a significant investment that is now paying off. He branded his own line of fittings and became a distributor as well as an installer. “It was a risky move for us because we were so small, and it took over a year before we turned a profit,” Jim shares.

Unlike most cable railing contractors, Ram Tail carries its own inventory of fittings and cables, leaving them less susceptible to material delays. “I built the Ram Tail brand using a parts-on-hand approach,” says Jim. “Inventory supply shortages have left most of the country susceptible to installation delays, but we already have our building materials in stock locally,” he continues.

Ram Tail cable railing systems use 316 marine-grade stainless steel construction and are weather-resistant, offering a beautiful alternative to conventional handrails. They create a simple, minimalist design with unobstructed open views, taking up less space than traditional wood designs. Cable railings are adjustable in orientation and style, making them blend effortlessly and adding value to the home.

Compared to traditional handrails, cable rail systems are more flexible than most railing systems and can achieve effects from modern to rustic. Ram Tail powder coats their posts and stabilizers, reducing downtime and reliance on outside vendors. Jim continues, “Where it takes contractors between four and six weeks to furnish design renderings, order parts, and install the system, we can have an entire install done within two to three days.”

Structurally, cable railing systems provide a secure, sturdy design for children and small animals. Safe and graceful, cable railing systems are held to stricter standards than traditional wood railings. “The Federal Building Code states that inspectors cannot pass a 4” ball through the wires. We install using only 3 1/8” space between each run. We also use wire rope consisting of 19 smaller twisted wires rather than aircraft cable. Unlike aircraft cable, the twisted strands are more aesthetically appealing as well as resistant to harmonic failure and crown breaks,” advises Jim.

Don’t be fooled by its stately style. Cable railing systems are effortless to maintain, unlike their wood counterparts. Where wood needs to be maintained roughly every three years, wire rail systems can be easily wiped down with a wet cloth and soap when needed.

Take full advantage of the coastal way of life and look beyond the rails. Ram Tail installs custom designs along the Gulf Coast – their projects are well-known around Ono Island for their style and refinement. “Many of our referrals come from people passing by a job site and asking the installers to stop by to give them a quote,” shares Jim. You know you are working with a Gulf Coast gem when their work stops people in their tracks.

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