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Emerald Coast Volkswagen Club • Springtime Cruising •

Emerald Coast Volkswagen Club • Springtime Cruising •

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The Rare Air Emerald Coast Volkswagen Club, affectionately known in the Pensacola area as just “Rare Air”, is a local car club of about 100 members whose goal is to keep their vintage, air-cooled Volkswagens alive and well, and enjoy them together at cruises, car shows, campouts, etc. 

We host an all VW car show on the third Saturday in October every year at Five Flags Speedway. We pick a local charity every year for the proceeds from this car show to go to. 

We also have a monthly Tech Session on the first Saturday of every month, beginning at 10:00 am and lasting until we get finished with the last car. The Tech Session is a great place to work on your own VW and to get help and advice from other club members who have been maintaining their own VW’s for years. One of the cool things about the Tech Sessions is that we are passing along the knowledge of how to maintain these cars to the younger generation, who hopefully will keep this hobby going for years to come.  

Volkswagen means “The People’s Car” and our club is definitely a “People’s Club”. We are very family-oriented and kid-friendly. We recently had a campout in late January where the evening temperatures got down into the 20’s, but that didn’t stop 30+ campers from getting together for a weekend of sitting around the campfires and talking about our VW’s.  

While we only sponsor one car show per year, we support and attend many other VW-related car shows throughout the Gulf Coast region from Panama City to New Orleans.  

If you have a Volkswagen, or are thinking about getting one, and would like to join Rare Air, you can find us on Facebook at Rare Air Emerald Coast Volkswagen Club or online at

Our monthly meeting is always on the third Thursday evening from 7:00 to 8:00 pm at the Lawton St. Baptist St Church, 7845 Lawton St., Pensacola.

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