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Night Lights: Elite Outdoor Lighting Brings Next-Level Lighting to 30A

Night Lights: Elite Outdoor Lighting Brings Next-Level Lighting to 30A

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Elite Outdoor Lighting, under the expert guidance of owner and founder Adam Crosby, is a shining example of innovation and excellence in the realm of outdoor lighting. Their dedication to delivering a next-level lighting experience distinguishes them from any other lighting company in the South. His clients are consistently left in awe, often saying, “I can’t believe I wasn’t going to do this. Now that I have this at my home, I can’t imagine not having it.”

Operating throughout Georgia and the Florida Panhandle, Elite Outdoor Lighting offers a comprehensive range of product design services, selling, and installing lighting solutions that elevate every outdoor space. Whether enhancing curb appeal, highlighting landscaping features, or creating enchanting patio and pool areas, their expertise knows no bounds. Their goal is simple yet profound: to transform beloved properties into stunning masterpieces, often surpassing homeowners’ wildest dreams. Beyond the sheer aesthetic beauty, their lighting systems also add curb appeal, security, and peace of mind to any home.

In addition to landscape lighting, Elite Outdoor Lighting specializes in bistro lighting (ideal for patio parties), holiday lighting (offered as a full-time yearly contract with signups starting in August and setup beginning in October), and hospitality lighting for special occasions like weddings and graduation parties, complete with outdoor audio setups.

The company’s dedication to delivering an unparalleled experience extends to their design philosophy. Adam Crosby emphasizes the importance of creating moments of awe for homeowners, where stepping onto their patio reveals a breathtaking oasis rather than just a few path lights leading to the pool. Elite Outdoor Lighting’s commitment to holistic design is evident in their approach, for example, lighting entire trees, not just the trunks, and exploring innovative lighting techniques such as moonlighting, which mimics the gentle glow of the moon through tree downlighting.

“We want to transform your yard and turn it into a space you enjoy while adding value and curb appeal. We can light the pavers in the driveway or marker lights, uplights on trees, light up from the gutter, put grill lights in, strip lighting in your outdoor kitchen…pretty much anything you can imagine and more, turning your home into the oasis you never knew it could be, says Adam. “We can transform a dark yard with spotlights everywhere, to a really pleasant organic lighting system that looks natural and like it’s supposed to be there, and not like you did it yourself.”

Because they pride themselves on design, not just selling lights, every employee is trained to design lighting systems customized to the home and the home’s style, color, and landscaping. They can powder coat or paint their fixtures to match whatever setting they’re in, to blend them for daylight hours. “There’s a lot of elements we integrate into our business model to make a project go from a small lighting package to transforming a home.”

Founded in 2017 in Albany, Georgia, Elite Outdoor Lighting initially offered a combination of landscaping, irrigation, and lighting services. However, their focus gradually shifted towards lighting as they witnessed a surge in demand and recognized its transformative power. The decision to prioritize lighting proved fruitful, leading to remarkable growth and expansion.

The journey to the Gulf Coast was driven by customer demand and a desire to spread their exceptional services to new horizons. This expansion culminated in the opening of a new location at 12870 US-98 W, Miramar Beach, FL 32550, in Destin, Florida, serving clients from Pensacola to Panama City Beach. The decision was underscored by Adam’s realization that servicing Florida from Georgia was not sustainable, prompting a strategic approach that yielded impressive results.

Elite Outdoor Lighting’s commitment to excellence permeates every aspect of their business, from product quality to customer service. They offer a comprehensive maintenance plan, servicing systems twice a year, and provide a lifetime warranty on fixtures and transformers, ensuring peace of mind for their clients. By exclusively using the top-quality brand Dauer, they guarantee efficiency and expertise, backed by a strong relationship with the manufacturer.

With locations in Albany, Athens, and Destin, Elite Outdoor Lighting continues to redefine outdoor lighting standards, offering customized solutions tailored to each home and property. Their dedication to high-end design, impeccable customer service, and top-quality products make them the preferred choice for discerning clientele across the region.

For more information, project photos, and video testimonials, visit Elite Outdoor Lighting’s website at Experience the difference that Elite Outdoor Lighting can make in illuminating your outdoor spaces to perfection.

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