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Handmade Wooden Tubs • Nathie Katzoff Art & Design

Handmade Wooden Tubs • Nathie Katzoff Art & Design

Nathie Katzoff Art & Design
Nathie Katzoff Art & Design
Nathie Katzoff Art & Design
Nathie Katzoff Art & Design
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Nathie Katzoff Art & Design

At just 33 years of age, Nathaniel Katzoff – Master Craftsman and CEO of Nathie Katzoff Art & Design – is a visionary artist. In many circles, he is considered a design and engineering prodigy. A creator of colossal, highly technical staircases of architectural grandeur, luxurious handmade water-tight wooden baths, and unique hand-wrought wooden furniture, Katzoff abolishes the line between function and art. 

Katzoff is passionate about restoring traditional craftsmanship to the world while creating original works of elegant artistry that endure the test of time. “We represent a beautiful thing. There are so many people who work here who are able to push the limits on design and be a part of creating art in the modern world,” he shares. 

As a child, free-spirited Katzoff was enamored by the sea and dreamt about sailing the world. He was introduced to wooden boat building while attending The Landing School of Boat Building, a prestigious postsecondary school in Arundel, Maine. While there, Katzoff prepared for a career in the marine industry as a designer and builder. Upon graduation, he never imagined how his life would change when his friend asked him to help build a staircase that ultimately won the coveted Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association (SMA) Award for Design. At the age of 23, Katzoff recognized the opportunity awaiting him – designing and crafting sculptural-like works of art for people to use in everyday life. 

Says Katzoff, “Our lives are short. Creating beauty in the world is, for me, a very fun and meaningful quest. Whether the art is a functional, curved staircase, freeform sculpture, wood bath or table, I aim to evoke the same experience: a sense of awe. I strive to create an inspiring moment of timelessness as a physical representation of where the beauty of nature and humanity exist together.”

Katzoff’s Luxury Wood Bath Collection is handcrafted from sapele mahogany, walnut, maple, or oak with a proprietary coating making the baths water-tight and silky smooth to the touch. The baths, designed for daily use, are easy to maintain and come in a gloss, satin, or matte finish. They are unaffected by extreme humidity, dryness, or everyday liquid cleaning products. As with well-made, high-end heirloom furnishings, the baths – crafted using highly durable materials – can be passed along to future generations and enjoyed for decades.

The Collection includes four different basin styles, each with unique attributes. The single-slipper Lotus Bath is made from sapele mahogany and walnut and is available in three sizes. The Luna Bath, a double-slipper tub made from sapele mahogany, Round Bath in walnut, and Cube Bath in sapele mahogany and walnut, are also available.

Katzoff accepts requests for one-of-a-kind, ultra-custom baths. He is currently working on a Japanese-style soaking tub with a built-in heating system to keep the water hot. Another one of his ultra-custom baths can be found in a Dubai hospital VIP suite by royalty.

The Nathie Katzoff Art & Design Studio, Workshop, and Gallery span a single Seattle-based campus where Katzoff provides turnkey services – from design concept to fabrication to installation – for each of his clients. A master-craftsperson typically accompanies products shipped within the United States to oversee installation.

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