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Extraordinary Stairs & Walkways by Saltwater Steel

Extraordinary Stairs & Walkways by Saltwater Steel

Extraordinary Stairs and Walkways by Saltwater Steel
Extraordinary Stairs and Walkways by Saltwater Steel
Extraordinary Stairs and Walkways by Saltwater Steel
Extraordinary Stairs and Walkways by Saltwater Steel
Extraordinary Stairs and Walkways by Saltwater Steel +13
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Extraordinary Stairs and Walkways by Saltwater Steel

A respected interior designer once said, “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” Saltwater Steel Company of Freeport, Florida, is dedicated to designing, creating, and constructing one-of-a-kind stair and walkways reflecting each customer’s story. From the classic stately to the minimalist modern, Saltwater Steel forges pieces that set the tone for some of the Gulf Coast’s most beautiful homes.

Owner and head designer, Jos Bekkers, is no stranger to the world of design and engineering. Originally from the Netherlands, where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Helmond Technical College, Bekkers spent decades in Georgia designing and building parts for high-performance racing engines in BMW and Mercedes Benz vehicles. After moving to Freeport in 2013, Bekkers began looking forward to his next venture in life. He decided to stay with a medium that he knew and loved: steel. Many of his first ventures in designing and building with steel involved experimenting with constructing furniture, light fixtures, and vent hoods. As word got out about his engineering and craftsmanship expertise, more and more customers began requesting structural elements, such as staircases.

Bekkers describes his custom stair and walkways as modern, sleek, and industrial. Depending on the customer’s vision, Saltwater Steel creates elegant works of practical art that are often the focal point of entryways or main living areas. Customers seeking to add a truly distinctive “wow factor” to the design of their residence call upon Bekkers and his team. When working on a custom home, Bekkers meets with the architect in the beginning stages and plan how to make projects that might seem impossible a reality.

Saltwater Steel specializes in the fabrication of “dreams” by incorporating the lasting strength of steel into interesting projects for generations to enjoy. Craftsmen create custom fabrications using iron, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and pewter. From delicate spiral staircases to exposed steel beams, every creation boasts the highest quality in design, materials, and execution.

Jos Bekkers and Saltwater Steel bring a love of design and steel fabrication to customers along the Florida Gulf Coast. Bekkers admits that “having fun with your work is the best therapy ever.” Bekkers and his team never shy away from meeting the vision of both architects and homeowners. Saltwater Steel Company excels in its ability to engineer and construct fresh and innovative stair and walkway designs inside some of the most beautiful homes in our area.

Jos Bekkers
Phone: 850-835-1550
Instagram: @saltwater_steel

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