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Balance, Youth, and Beauty

Balance, Youth, and Beauty

McCollough Plastic Surgery
McCollough Plastic Surgery
McCollough Plastic Surgery
McCollough Plastic Surgery
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“A good first impression places the more attractive and healthier-appearing candidate ahead of the competition,” says E. Gaylon McCollough, MD FACS.

“A pleasing appearance is more important than any letter of introduction.” When Aristotle penned those words, he was revealing the secret to a beautifully balanced life: At every age, the way we look matters—and it matters big. Whether presenting ourselves for a job interview or pursuing interpersonal relationships, a good first impression places the more attractive and healthier-appearing candidate ahead of the competition.

During the four decades that I’ve been performing appearance-enhancing procedures, I have found that patients who do the things required to look their best tend to find better health, even if finding better health was not their objective. In addition, appearance-conscious people pay more attention to their posture, weight, personal hygiene, and the clothes and accessories they wear. They appear happier and smile more, thereby creating a good first impression, upon which lasting relationships can be built.

Most people are familiar with surgical ways to enhance their appearance and age well. Today, there are also a myriad of non-surgical measures from which to choose. However, some non-surgical alternatives offer more hype than help. It is absolutely possible to achieve temporary improvements by injecting bio- compatible filling agents beneath the skin of the face and by using a group of agents known as neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin). However, for longer lasting and, in the long run, often less expensive remedies, timely staged surgical procedures that produce natural results are recommended.

Among the younger population, rhinoplasty (nose refinement), chin augmentation, surgery to correct protruding ears, and breast augmentation are popular. For the adult population, the first areas to require surgical correction are the upper and lower eyelids and drooping brows. As middle age approaches, surgery to lift and remove loose, sagging skin in the face and neck, tummy tucks, body liposuction, and breast lifting are indicated. And as one approaches the golden years, fine wrinkles turn into deeper and more prominent wrinkles. That’s when skin rejuvenation procedures are usually performed in conjunction with eyelid, facial, and neck surgical procedures (see photos at left). Skin resurfacing can also reduce acne scars and reduce the likelihood of skin cancers.

At every age, focus should be placed upon creating and maintaining a natural appearance and a healthy balance between our minds, bodies, and spirits. In order to achieve a balanced and vital state of well-being, it is also recommended that the services of professional skin care, nutrition, and fitness experts be included in your personalized appearance and wellness lifestyle plan.

And to assist you in doing so, I offer you a free copy of my consumer information book: THE APPEARANCE FACTOR. Simply visit my website,, and click on the cover of the book in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. I also urge you to watch the television interviews that are available on the site and learn how you can schedule a virtual evaluation and consultation … at no charge. For more information and to make an appointment, call the number listed below.

E. Gaylon McCollough, MD FACS 
McCollough Institute for Appearance & Health 
The Skin Center and Total Health Spa
Gulf Shores, AL 
(251) 967-7600

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