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McCollough Institute & Plastic Surgery Clinic

McCollough Institute & Plastic Surgery Clinic

McCollough Plastic Surgery - Changing the Face of a Global Pandemic
McCollough Plastic Surgery - Changing the Face of a Global Pandemic
McCollough Plastic Surgery - Changing the Face of a Global Pandemic
McCollough Plastic Surgery - Changing the Face of a Global Pandemic
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McCollough Plastic Surgery - Changing the Face of a Global Pandemic

Demand for Plastic Surgery Changes the Face of a Global Pandemic

There has been an increase in demand for facial plastic surgery during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the driving reason why may surprise you. No doubt working from home comes with unforeseen benefits, including the needed time to recover from surgeries and procedures. Teleconferencing and web conferencing have become both a blessing and a curse.

While we may not be in the same room with friends and colleagues, we are locked face-to-face on video calls where we focus attention entirely on the images in front of us – including our own. Have you noticed a down-tick in time people spend looking at their phones only to look directly at each other during meetings? To be fair, poor lighting and camera quality play a role in accentuating sags, bulges, and wrinkles.

Competition in the workplace is fierce on all levels and is by no means gender-specific. “During the last few years, the number of men seeking rejuvenating procedures has increased to roughly 1/3 of our surgeries,” notes Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough, MD, FACS.

It is not that someone had plastic surgery; rather, it is how the surgery was performed that matters.

During his training, Dr. McCollough worked side-by-side with top Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. “I learned what to and what not to do. I choose NOT to do the procedures that create a windblown or stretched-out appearance, the tell-tale signs of poorly conceived and performed plastic surgery.” Dr. McCollough continues, “The same face is a different face at different stages in your life. The key to natural-looking surgery is to do the right procedure at the right time in a given patient’s life. I provide an individualized treatment – rather than the assembly line approach.”

Dr. McCollough has performed more than 20,000 facial and nasal plastic surgical procedures. He developed many of the techniques and measures that produce natural results, speed up healing, minimize discomfort, and make the overall experience more pleasurable. “We treat our patients the way we would like to be treated,” Dr. McCollough stresses. The majority of his surgeries are performed at the McCollough Institute, a fully equipped private surgical center.

“After-care is as important as the surgery itself,” shares Dr. McCollough. “It is a tremendous responsibility to ask an inexperienced friend or family member to care for someone, at home, following a surgical procedure. That’s why we offer trained caregivers who provide post-operative oversight and personalized care in the institute’s private, on-site villas.”

The Appearance Factor

In his book, The Appearance Factor: How Enhancing Your Appearance Could Lift Your Spirits, Improve Your Health, and Tilt the Scales of Opportunity in Your Favor, Dr. McCollough addresses ways to reshape noses, chins, lips, ears, and reverse the unwanted conditions that accompany aging. The book provides numerous patient testimonials along with before and after photographic examples. “Ideally, prospective candidates should read the book prior to their consultation.” As a public service, The Appearance Factor is free and available for download – Dr. McCollough’s team will also send a hardcopy to those calling in request. On his website, prospective patients may view free video productions during which Drs. McCollough and Taylor provide additional information and insights into surgical and non-surgical ways to improve your appearance.

The Skin Center and Total Health Spa

The McCollough Institute also includes a comprehensive skin and total health spa, where non-surgical treatments (Botox, Dysport, and injectable fillers) are performed. The center also provides free skin cancer screening, preventive and therapeutic professional skincare technology, scientifically-formulated products, massage therapy, nutritional testing, and weight management. In most cases, Dr. McCollough and his team of experts can manage skin cancers from diagnosis to removal to reconstruction.

Free Remote Consultation

In an age driven by readily accessible information, it is fair to say that we want instantaneous answers to questions. Believing that everyone should have immediate access to professional advice, Dr. McCollough also offers free remote or virtual consultations before the official sit-down consultation. If someone would like a quick overview or an opinion, they are invited to email photographs directly to Dr. McCollough, and he will respond with an overview of a tentative treatment plan and a cost analysis. People with questions about surgical plastic procedures may contact Dr. McCollough via email –

About Dr. McCollough and the McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic

Dr. McCollough – a Facial and Nasal Plastic Surgeon – has been named one of the “Best Doctors in America” and is also among “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons.” Dr. McCollough is board certified by two specialty boards, each of which certifies physicians in facial and nasal plastic surgery: the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

Completing the clinic’s surgical team is Dr. Bentley R. Taylor, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon with comprehensive training in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, and craniomaxillofacial surgery. Dr. Taylor also performs breast and body procedures and a majority of the skin cancer removal and reconstructive procedures.

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