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Love being out on the water, but don’t love the costs of boat ownership? Membership in the Freedom Boat Club lets you experience the joys of boating simply and affordably.

The Gulf Coast, which offers endless coastline to explore, is ideal for boating adventures of all kinds. Unfortunately, owning a boat comes with a list of cash outflows, such as storage, launch fees, insurance, sea tow, and maintenance. Whether boating is a lifestyle or simply recreation for you, membership in a boat club allows you to experience all there is to love about boating while leaving those often costly and less desirable aspects of boat ownership behind. 

Six years ago, Russell Atkinson and his wife, Elizabeth, were discussing a new boat for their family of four. They quickly realized their needs were so great that just one vessel wouldn’t suffice. Russell wanted a center console fishing boat, while Elizabeth preferred a pontoon. However, they both agreed that they wanted to spend time on the water with their children and extended family. 

This is when the Atkinsons became members of the Freedom Boat Club, the world’s largest members-only boat club. Not only did the use of its fleet of various vessels meet their needs, but it also granted them access to new boats every year, as the club’s inventory is typically less than two years old. 

“When my family is together on the boat, we are plugged into each other, not technology,” says Russell. “This has been the best thing for my family and has really brought us closer together.” The Atkinsons were so thrilled with their membership, they recently purchased all nine of the Freedom Boat Club Gulf Coast locations, stretching from Madisonville, Louisville, to Panama City Beach, Florida.

Each location has an extensive fleet that includes deck boats, pontoons, and 22- to 28-foot center console boats powered by Yamaha four-stroke single or twin engines. And they all contain the latest technological features, from Garmin GPS fish finders to Bluetooth stereos. The many choices give Freedom Boat Club members the ability to enjoy all the coast has to offer, from snapper fishing and water-skiing to chasing dolphins and sunset cruises. Says Russell: “The thing I love the most about the club is the family time and giving people the opportunity to enjoy everything about our area.” 

With a one-time enrollment fee and monthly dues based on package selection, the Freedom Boat Club offers variety and versatility for a fraction of the cost of owning a boat. There are three different boating packages to fit the budget and needs of anyone wanting to enjoy life on the water. Understanding that everyone has different levels of boating skill and experience, the club offers unlimited training by licensed captains at no additional cost, because it’s important for members to feel safe and comfortable taking their friends and family out for a day on the water. 

“Freedom Boat Club utilizes a state-of-the-art reservation system,” says Russell, “so with proper planning, there shouldn’t be a problem getting on the water at the time you choose.” Members aren’t required to submit a trip or boat plan, however, it is preferred so that the club can be prepared to provide assistance if necessary. 
Freedom Boat Club eliminates all the downsides of the nautical lifestyle. It strives to simplify boat ownership by making it stress-free. Simply make a reservation at the marina of your choice (membership allows you access to 175-plus clubs in the US, Canada, and France), show up, and enjoy yourself.

Freedom Boat Club
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