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CopperSmith Lanterns

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There is nothing like the glow of a gas lantern to welcome you home.

Especially if you live along the coast, where these fixtures have long been a staple of both utility and practical beauty. The glowing flames of copper lanterns have danced along the waterfront for centuries, illuminating the pathway for many a sailor, merchant, and longshoreman to find their way home. 

Gas lanterns have endured well into the 21st century, and have grown even more in recent popularity. 

By blending historical methods with modern ingenuity, the CopperSmith captures the timeless beauty of these lanterns of the past, while adapting them for modern use with innovative lighting technologies.

Every CopperSmith Lantern has a Story to Tell.

Based in Foley, Alabama, the CopperSmith opened its doors in 1991, and began designing copper gas and electric lanterns in 1999.

The first lights designed by CopperSmith were influenced by the antebellum homes found in beautiful downtown Mobile, Alabama, and the Classical Revival, Art Deco, and Italianate style two and three-story brick structures found within the city’s only 19th-century commercial district.

Drawn from the rich architectural history found within the coastal cities of New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah, and Mobile, the traditional Coppersmith collections are reminiscent of the French Quarter and Colonial style gas lanterns frequently seen in the homes and commercial districts all throughout the south.

The setting for the 1948 classic film noir by John Huston gave the Key Largo Collection its name, inspired by the Benjamin Company’s RLM Dome Reflector lights that had a profound influence on industrial illumination.

While traveling abroad, the picturesque towns and villages of Europe are what laid the foundation for the English line of gas fixtures. The modern works and sleek, linear lines of Spanish architecture and influence are ever present in the CopperSmith’s latest line of contemporary lanterns.

The inspiration for designing new products can strike just about anywhere, at any time. Even a humble cocktail napkin can become the blueprint for a one-of-a-kind custom lantern.

Handcrafted with Quality that Lasts a Lifetime.

Fixtures by the CopperSmith are designed to provide a lifetime of service with classic appeal and lighting elegance. Even in the harshest environments, solid copper does not corrode or degrade. It ages gracefully with a distinct character and natural beauty, unlike any other metal.

“Many of our customers live here along the Gulf Coast, which is why we engineer and design our fixtures using the finest quality materials for superior structural integrity that can withstand even the harshest coastal environments.”

Old World Construction. Modern Lighting Technologies.

The enthusiasm for innovation shaped the CopperSmith right from the start.

All of the CopperSmith gas lanterns can also be outfitted with several types of electric bulbs, including their own groundbreaking, unique, and lifelike patented LED flame simulation technology.

However, it isn’t just about innovative ways to create new lanterns. It is about the development of lighting fixtures that are closely connected to improving the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of our world.

The CopperSmith developed a series of wildlife-friendly products that have been certified by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Certification program for use in ecologically sensitive areas, sea turtle nesting beaches, migratory corridors, and Dark Sky Friendly communities.

These fixtures elegantly combine the natural beauty of copper with the standards of low-impact lighting.

Every CopperSmith lantern is hand-crafted with solid copper and then fitted with brass hinges and latches for maximum sustainability. Mounts and accessories are made from marine-grade aluminum and painted with a timeless, high-quality powder coat finish that is unsurpassed in resistance to corrosion. Gas burner assemblies are constructed of solid brass and CSA certified as compliant with the highest safety standards in the industry.

Looking Towards the Future while Honoring the Past

Much like the inspiration for designing new lanterns has expanded from local streets and historical treasures to landmarks and architecture all around the world, so has the CopperSmith name.

With distributors and showrooms all over the United States, the CopperSmith now offers the largest selection of premium copper lanterns in the industry.

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