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Coastal Palette

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Artist Brenden Parker
Artist Brenden Parker
Artist Brenden Parker
Artist Brenden Parker
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Artist Brenden Parker

Artist Brendan Parker transforms epoxy resin on canvas into one-of-a-kind works.

Brendan Parker, a mixed-media artist living along the Emerald Coast in South Walton County, adorns homes, businesses, and now his new showroom with his original works of art. A totally self-taught artist, Parker works primarily with epoxy resin to create unique and always one-of-a-kind pieces for his clients. His modern, contemporary pieces begin with a custom-built wooden canvas primed for the many layers of his well-loved medium. The challenge of working with resin both inspires and motivates Parker. “Resin is a teacher,” says Parker. “I can control the primary direction and color, but the final movement of the material is unknown. I’ve learned how to flow with the medium and how to edit myself.” 

Learning how to let his creative self guide him was a skill learned the hard way. From an early age, Parker connected with music and had a passion for playing the guitar. Life took him in a different direction in 2007, though, when an accident that left severe burns on his hand prevented him from playing anymore. Afterward, Parker leaned into painting and found the same creative release he once channeled through music.

Brendan has worked to tailor his signature technique and is now recognized for his eye-catching original compositions. His pieces are sought after by area designers and are featured in several area vendors, including Beau Interiors, Fusion Art Glass, and Sugar Beach Interiors. Parker’s work is also prominently displayed throughout the Hotel Effie Sandestin. 

Parker works closely with designers to complete the vision of home projects that are often inspired by the area’s coastal palette of blues and greens. Commissioned pieces range from small to large canvases, but series features, including diptych and triptych, are among the most requested. Triptychs, or art divided into three canvases, are incredibly versatile in how the art is featured on the wall. “I love the flow of art between panels and how it is all connected,” says Parker.

Connection is what Parker strives for when he creates his pieces. He paints with the belief that art should create a connection and make you feel something, and his goal is to have his art reflect his most creative state. Even as a self-taught artist, he understands that the most natural work comes when the artist enters a “flow state” in which art is created in its most organic form without hesitation or doubt. 

Parker will be opening his first showroom in the Sandestin resort development. “Art connects us as humans and allows new perspectives and changed mindsets,” says Parker. “Gravitate toward what makes you feel and what activates your soul.” 

Brendan Parker’s work can be found on his website and at his new showroom: 
Brendan Park Art
1000 Administration Dr.
Miramar Beach, FL 32550

You’ll also find his work at the following area merchants: 
Beau Interiors
Bontemps Interiors
Duce & Company
Fusion Art Glass
Sugar Beach Interiors

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