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Austin Tanner: A Rising Star Out Of Mississippi

Austin Tanner: A Rising Star Out Of Mississippi

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Hailing from the serene coastal town of Mississippi, Austin Tanner’s love for music found its roots in the soulful melodies resonating within church walls. Early on, he discovered his musical talent, playing the piano and lending his voice to the harmonies that filled the air during Sunday services and on Christian radio.

As an adult, Austin assumed leadership roles, leading congregations in worship with his stirring vocals and unwavering devotion. Despite venturing into entrepreneurship, his heart remained tethered to the rhythms that fueled his passion for music.

The rekindling of this passion arrived as he composed a heartfelt song for his wife on their 15th wedding anniversary. This pivotal moment reignited his love for songwriting, propelling him back into the world of music with renewed vigor and dedication.

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Setting his sights on Nashville, the country music capital, Austin orchestrated two songwriter camps. Collaborating with esteemed talents such as CMA Songwriter of the Year Dallas Wilson, country artist Filmore, platinum award-winning songwriter Levon Gray, and others, Austin honed his craft and recorded a trove of heartfelt compositions.

Under the guidance of Grammy Award-winning producer Vinny Vinditto and with the expertise of recording artist Chris Daniel, Austin Tanner’s music took shape, weaving tales of authenticity and depth. This musical journey came to life visually through the lens of diamond award-winning video producer Sway Mendez and acclaimed director Michael Patti, creating captivating music videos that bring Austin’s narratives to vivid life.

Supported by a loving wife and four cherished children, Austin Tanner stands at the brink of country music stardom. With anticipation mounting for the release of his singles, Austin’s unwavering commitment to authenticity promises an exciting journey ahead. As the world eagerly awaits the explosion of Austin Tanner’s country music career, the stage is set for an enthralling musical odyssey.

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