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An End to Garage Clutter

An End to Garage Clutter

End Garage Clutter
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After spending most of his adult life in warzones around the world, Will Rieben and his wife Tanaya acquired GarageExperts of the Florida Panhandle in June 2021. When shopping for homes in the area, they realized that the local architecture didn’t have the large storage areas they were accustomed to in other areas of the country. A GarageExperts franchise gave them the opportunity to maximize every square inch of space in their home. “The garage is the last thing you see in the morning and the first thing you see when you return home. We can help turn it from a cluttered, stressful place into somewhere you enjoy spending time” says Tanaya. With the influx of new residents who are used to having basements or larger homes, GarageExperts has quickly become the go-to business for efficient, cost-effective upgrades to homes.

Will and Tanaya recruited Will’s brother Eli, also a veteran, to run the operations of the franchise. Will and Eli have infused a military mindset into GarageExperts. Will describes, “Rather than build a business, I wanted to build an ethos – a culture of integrity, responsibility, and growth. I focus on strategic growth, Eli handles the operations and logistics, and our teammates are on the tactical level – in the trenches – conquering the daily tasks. We focus on precise installations, empower employees to make decisions, and provide mentorship for professional growth.” This model has led GarageExperts of the Florida Panhandle to be recognized by GarageExperts corporate headquarters. Despite being in business for only 6 months that year, GarageExperts of the Florida Panhandle was awarded the “Most Improved Franchise” in the nation in 2021. The team is even more pleased with the 100+ five-star reviews their clientele has given them. “We focus on communication with our clients. We listen to their needs and produce the results they want,” says Eli.

Although they had no prior experience in owning a business, Will and Eli fell back on their military officer experiences to build an efficient and effective team. “We immediately purchased very powerful equipment for surface preparation. This made our installations more efficient. And since all GarageExperts products are made by corporate in Texas, we had a streamlined logistics process that circumvented supply chain issues experienced by other trades.” Next Will and Eli focused on recruiting the right people. “We have been blessed to find men who have internalized our standards of excellence. They work hard, do beautiful work, and keep a clean worksite. In return, we take care of them. We focus on human performance—hydration, nutrition, and a proper work/rest cycle. The work-life balance is important. When our employees are well-prepared, then they produce a better product for our clients.” Eli continues, “Our work requires precision to produce a quality product.

Because we are dealing with chemical reactions, any small mistake in any step of the process can ruin the final outcome.” This precision has helped GarageExperts become the go-to for several custom builders in the Panhandle. “We want to be the ‘easy button’ for builders. We show up when promised and complete the job on schedule,” says Will.

GarageExperts of the Florida Panhandle installs the GarageFX flooring system which uses the industry’s strongest epoxy, flake, and an ultra-high solids polyaspartic topcoat to create beautiful flooring, backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The process starts with thorough surface preparation – mechanically grinding, vacuuming, and crack and divot repair. Then the team rolls out the two-part epoxy which has a fusion technology, allowing it to penetrate deep into the concrete and adhere inside the slab. As the epoxy cures, the team broadcasts the flake into the epoxy. Finally, the ultra-high solids polyaspartic topcoat covers the flake. This topcoat hardens to an abrasion-resistant and nonporous surface, so spills and drips cannot penetrate and leave stains.

The GarageFX system goes beyond residential use. The GarageExperts team has installed in industrial spaces, retail spaces, and even nightclubs! Anywhere a client needs a beautiful, easy to maintain, and long-lasting flooring option, GarageExperts can help. For those that need additional storage, their custom cabinets, overhead racks, and slatwalls will declutter a garage and make it look as nice as the rest of the home. As Eli explains “We are the one-stop shop for maximizing the footprint of your home. We can take every square inch of a garage and turn it into a semi-livable space. Instead of an eyesore, we turn the garage into an asset.” Will explains, “My priorities are an exceptional customer service experience with the industry’s best products, my employees, and lastly business growth. If I take care of the first two, the third will follow along.”


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