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Aloha Paddling: Leaving a Positive Ripple

Aloha Paddling: Leaving a Positive Ripple

Aloha Paddling Company
Aloha Paddling Company
Aloha Paddling Company
Aloha Paddling Company
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Aloha Paddling Company

“There is nothing like fresh air and sunshine for a happy life,” comments Lisa Ertle, owner of Pensacola-based Aloha Paddling Company. Unique to the Pensacola/Pensacola Beach/Gulf Breeze area, Aloha Paddling Company travels with a fleet of stand up paddleboards and gear, bringing the adventure to you.

Paddling may look easy; however, there is quite a bit to it. Knowing how to get back on your board under different conditions is paramount. Knowing to paddle into the wind when setting out and keeping the wind to your back upon return is often the difference between returning from a successful trip or being towed back or getting stuck. While some prefer to skip wearing a leash and life jacket, both serve a vital role. “I have seen people not leashed to their board fall off, and the board just floats away,” Lisa (also known as “Aloha Lisa”) shares.

Teaching stand up paddleboarding is the heart of what they do, and safety is at its soul. Shifting winds and popup showers often create chaos for inexperienced paddleboarders. “We teach paddlers – especially those new to the Gulf Coast – a lot about safety as well as how to watch the weather. The morning may start sunny and clear, but Northwest Florida is known for shifting winds and quick-building storms,” Lisa states.

No experience needed! For those who are new to the sport, wanting more knowledge, or just wanting to share aloha on the water, Aloha Paddling Company is there for you! They will teach you everything you need to know about paddleboarding, as well as the gear itself. Lessons can make the difference between having a great time on the water, or struggling to control your board. “We teach folks how to be effective and efficient paddlers. People can waste a lot of energy when their body and paddle positioning are incorrect,” says Lisa. She works with paddlers teaching them proper hand and foot positioning and body alignment. She takes time to teach each paddler about their board, posture, and the correct use of the paddle. “Paddles are shaped a certain way for a reason. You can use the paddle to either stir tea, or use the paddle blade for power. We turn folks into confident paddlers.”

Purchasing a board can be overwhelming, given the many different shapes and sizes. At the core, buying a board is a very personal decision weighted by several factors. Although Aloha Paddling Company does not sell equipment, they love helping people select the correct board. “It all matters,” continues Lisa. “The person’s height and weight, intended use, and ability to store and transport the board are critical criteria for purchasing the right board.” Lisa also teaches paddlers how to care for their new investment, including the whys and hows of vehicle rooftop transporting.

Aloha Paddling Company is about creating confidant paddlers and sharing aloha on the water. Paddling offers the chance to relax and let your hair down. It is a time to reflect, laugh, and try something new. Stand up paddleboarding is about accessing places we cannot reach by foot and leaving a positive ripple in our wake. Sit back and enjoy the ride – Aloha Paddling Company will handle the details.

After a day on the water with Lisa sharing the Aloha spirit, she will leave you with a smile on your heart!

Aloha Paddling Company serves Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, and Gulf Breeze. Under exceptional circumstances, travel to other locations will be considered.


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