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Modular Homes – Thinking Outside of the Box

Modular Homes – Thinking Outside of the Box

Whitson Modular Home Builders - Thinking Outside of the Box
Whitson Modular Home Builders - Thinking Outside of the Box
Whitson Modular Home Builders - Thinking Outside of the Box
Whitson Modular Home Builders - Thinking Outside of the Box
Whitson Modular Home Builders - Thinking Outside of the Box +2
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Whitson Modular Home Builders - Thinking Outside of the Box

When we hear the term “modular home,” many of us envision a “manufactured mobile” home and the stigma of temporariness attached to it. What was once an industry dominated by affordable, moveable, pre-fabricated homes meeting minimum HUD requirements is now an industry-endorsed by FEMA. Structures now adhere to local building codes with installation on permanent foundations rather than on rolling chassis. Unbeknownst to many, modular homes are popping up all over the Gulf Coast.

Building a new home can be an overwhelming project. The financial commitment alone is enough to cause anxiety. Homeowners desire the on-time construction of a high-quality home that falls within the initially stated budget. Unfortunately, with on-site construction, this is seldom the case. With modular home construction, however, this is nearly always the case.

Modular homes take just a few weeks to complete from initial design to final installation rather than the 12-18 months it takes to build an on-site home. Construction of modular homes takes place in a factory setting. The in-house process allows for multiple levels of inspection at every building stage, which ensures a high-quality home. As such, in-house construction protects the unfinished home from weather elements, including wind and rain.

Trained and licensed employees perform all finish work, including plumbing, flooring, electrical, heating and air, and trim. Unlike on-site subcontractors, the in-house process eliminates sub-contractor delays while allowing quality standards to remain high and consistent. This generates both cost and time savings. The entire process is straightforward and time-efficient.

Modular homes have a wood frame and are level, plumb, and square. Construction in a controlled factory setting allows for precision laser-guided cuts, which allows for the perfect alignment of all joints and seams. Industrial sealant encloses seams and joints, which reduces the opportunity for mold growth and termite damage.

Contrary to popular belief, modular homes do not have a “boxy” feel. Home designs and sizes vary. According to Wendy Dean with Whitson Modular Home Builders,

“Homeowners can select from existing floor plans or work with design engineers to develop an entirely custom home.”

The best part, modular homes retain resale value. Because the permanent foundations qualify modular homes as “real property,” financing and ensuring a modular home does not require any stipulations or special documentation.

As Gulf Coast residents, we are no stranger to hurricanes and driving wind. As a result, home building codes have changed throughout the years. According to Ed Whitson,

“Modular homes have kept up with the pace of change with several floor plans rated for winds reaching greater than 200 mph.” Despite hurricane winds of 131-155 mph, FEMA observed “relatively minimal structural damage … in modular housing developments.”

The report credits the module-to-module construction by providing an “inherently rigid system” that is capable of withstanding a category 4 storm.

Whitson Builders has called Gulf Shores home for over 15 years. They install both commercial and residential modular units along the Gulf Coast. We at Coastal Lifestyle Magazine are anxiously awaiting the completion of one of their latest modular home installations on Ono Island, scheduled to appear in a future issue.

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