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What’s In Your Closet?

What’s In Your Closet?

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 If you’re like most of us, it’s probably a lot of disorganized junk. Never fear, because the folks at California Closets can create a custom storage solution that offers maximum efficiency, structure, and style.

For more than 40 years, the California Closets brand has been synonymous with high-quality customized storage solutions. Joe Lindenmayer, owner and CEO of California Closets of the Gulf Coast, manages showrooms in Baton Rouge and Metairie, Louisiana, as well as a newly renovated showroom in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

After more than a year of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, we’ve all gained an acute awareness of and appreciation for the places we live. And when things around your house are disorganized and disheveled, you start to feel disorganized and disheveled. So it pays to bring some order to the chaos, and when needed, adapt your surroundings to your changing lifestyle. That’s why you should turn to the experts at California Closets of the Gulf Coast for a customizable storage solution, whether you’re wanting to reorganize the kids’ playroom, convert the garage into a man cave, turn your spare bedroom into an office, upgrade your laundry room, create a remote classroom or crafting space, or increase your shelf space in the basement.  

Lindenmayer’s team of designers can create a customized space that fits your specific storage and organizational needs, making you wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. And the design won’t bust your budget either. In fact, the warranty, coupled with the value added from the brand equity alone, will add overall value to your home. 

The feeling of luxury and professionalism at every level, no matter how big or small a project may be, is what sets California Closets apart from its competitors. “We want the customer to get exactly what they’re looking for,” says Lindenmayer, who has extensive experience in franchise management. 

California Closet customers start the process by requesting a complimentary in-home consultation. A design expert will then come out and survey the space, take measurements, and listen to your specific needs and style ideas. 

Next up is the collaboration phase, in which customers are provided a virtual 3D model of their space so they can get a better idea of how it will actually look and function. It’s at this stage of the process that the consultants collaborate with clients to design a budget that fits their needs, and the customer is able to select accents, lighting, finishes, etc. 

The third step of the process is where your custom design is sent to one of the local manufacturing centers so they can create the system components for your closet. The installation step follows suit. Installers provide a white-glove experience, leaving the space spotless and ready for use when the work is done. Lindenmayer explains that this level of care is standard practice for all of their installs. “Our consultants spend the entire day with the customer, getting to know them.,” says Lindenmayer. “At this point, they’re emotionally invested in the successful transformation of the space.”

The California Closets of the Gulf Coast team is an effective and cohesive unit, providing a superior product that boasts “luxury at every level.” With their help, a cleaner, more organized home, customized to fit your style and functionality needs, is fully within reach.

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5 Reasons Why Your Bedroom Needs a Custom Closet

Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home—so shouldn’t your closet be, too? Creating a tranquil, organized space will contribute to your peaceful state at home, and getting up in the morning to get ready will become much more enjoyable. Here’s why you need a custom closet in your bedroom.

1. A Custom Closet Organizes All of Your Items

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all closet. Every person has a unique wardrobe and belongings and ways they want to store and display them. From shoe storage to hanging space and shelving, it’s best to take into account how you want to organize your items for a seamless look.

2. A Custom Closet Will Reflect Your Style

In addition to better organization, a custom closet will take into account your personal style. Lighting, finishes, materials, and closet accessories all contribute to this—from LED display lighting over shoes to our exclusive finishes imported from Italy for your cabinetry that will express your personality in the best way.

3. A Custom Closet Will Maximize Your Space

Even if you’re limited on space, a custom closet will maximize the space you do have. Slat wall systems, corner storage, and multiple hanging areas and drawers and cabinets will work together to compartmentalize and organize your items so you never have to stress about the mess again.

4. A Custom Closet Is Adjustable

If you have kids, you know that everything needs to grow with them—including their closets. Our kids’ and teens’ closets have adjustable shelving and hanging areas so that you can easily adjust as they grow older—without having to start from scratch. Kids’ closets come with integrated desks, closet doors and ground-to-ceiling storage for easy access.

5. A Custom Closet Gives You Professional Help

By building a custom closet with California Closets, you’ll get professional design help in order to create the most organized, functional, and stylish closet space possible, whether it’s a reach-in closet, walk-in closet, or wardrobe.

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