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Developing their craft for over 40 years, The Olde Mill is a leader in reclaimed architectural woodwork. Based in south Louisiana, the high-end manufacturing company produces handcrafted reclaimed wood products, including beams, mantles, floating shelves, countertops, and more, using recycled antique lumber. Sister to design firm Ourso Designs and in business for over 20 years, the two companies work hand in hand, says owner Richard Ourso. “Ourso Designs enhances The Olde Mill and vice versa. The Olde Mill enhances Ourso Designs by incorporating many of The Olde Mill products into our designs.” Working with both commercial and residential clients, Ourso says The Olde Mill products are super versatile, blending very well into all styles of of design; whether you consider your space as contemporary, modern, industrial, transitional, traditional or minimalist, the exquisite craftsmanship of The Olde Mill products seamlessly integrate all types of design and add a very refined and unique look to any space. After the pandemic, people were forced to spend more time in their homes. With that, people started to understand and pay attention to the importance of the home. It should be a space that supports you and inspires you, and for many, that also means a work and living space. As a result, we see people more willing to try new things, such as being more adventurous with colors and textures that they consider for their spaces.

Speaking of function and style, a trend we love is the integration of floating wall shelves, which have become a staple of interior design. Most homes are shifting toward a more open design floor plan. Adding to that sense of “openness,” owner Richard Ourso points out that floating shelves can significantly enhance this feeling of freedom and accessibility while allowing organization and fast access since floating shelves are entirely exposed. While some might consider an open shelf a disadvantage because clutter or dust might be revealed, we see this as an opportunity to stay clean and organized,” he says. Floating shelves can be used in practically any application, in a corporate office setting conference room, or at home in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Developing a plan for your floating shelves and ensuring a solid mount is essential. “Our mounting brackets are second to none,” says Ourso. The Olde Mill’s design team is ready to assist you in choosing the perfect design and ensure your installation is sturdy and well-secured.

Another popular item manufactured by The Olde Mill is their beautiful fireplace mantles, hollow inside and easy to install. Fireplaces and mantels continue to function as decorative centerpieces in any gathering room. Antique reclaimed wood mantels have exploded in popularity thanks to our 21st-century love affair with rustic, old-world flair. The Olde Mill’s handcrafted mantels are made with hundred-year-old reclaimed antique longleaf pine and can be constructed to your exact custom dimensions based on the style and look you’re going for. Olde Mill mantels are also incredibly easy to install, more eco-friendly, and infuse the perfect amount of ‘rustic’ in your space. Ceiling beams are a bold and beautiful addition to any room. The Olde Mill’s unique design is the easiest way to get that real antique wood beam look into your home. Custom-made to order, their beams are hollow and lightweight but made from real antique wood. They are technically aesthetic pieces, but they have all the character of a used, antique piece of wood, yet clean enough to look great in a modern or contemporary design. Traditionally, installing wood beams is intimidating in terms of structural support. One would have to hire a team of framing carpenters and rent a lift. You, or your builder, would have to cut through the drywall in the walls and build framing to support the beams. Olde Mill beams can be installed after drywall and are great for installing in existing homes. By choosing The Olde Mill ceiling beams, you are skipping days of work by using their hollow beam design, which can be installed in a fraction of the time. Another benefit of Olde Mill beams is since the insides of their beams are made out of plywood, they will not bend or warp as a solid beam might. For a person willing to do the work themselves, they are a do-it-yourself ceiling beam solution.



Aside from the ease of installation and on-trend aesthetic that The Olde Mill products offer, their products are sourced and custom-made in the USA, and a design team of experts is waiting to guide you through the process. “Whether you are an architect, designer, builder, or homeowner and you have questions about what size or how many, we offer that service at no charge,” says Ourso. “We’re an open book here; we love phone calls, mill visits, and are ready to talk you through the design process.”

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