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Biometrics – Next Level Oxygen Therapy

Biometrics – Next Level Oxygen Therapy

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Next Level Oxygen – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
by Christie Bascos

Welcome to Pensacola. What used to be a small community in only a portion of Northwest Florida has in recent years become one of the state’s fastest-growing communities. With home prices soaring and new business developments left and right, there has never been a better time to be a resident of this piece of paradise.

With new companies targeting the panhandle each day, finding a unique service to offer is becoming more competitive than ever. But that’s exactly what Aimee Allenback is doing.

Introducing Next Level Oxygen Hyperbaric MedSpa. Nestled in a prime location off Scenic Highway near Apple Market, Next Level Oxygen was started by Aimee as a way of offering natural health and wellness alternatives to her community. After working as the Development Director for the National Autism Association and seeing the immense benefits of using the hyperbaric chamber to help existing patients progress in their disorder, Aimee, now a certified hyperbaric technician, knew this was a service that could truly help others to heal. In 2016 after purchasing a hyperbaric chamber to help aid in her personal surgery recovery, she experienced all the healing they can do.

“I did it for pre-surgery and post-surgery recovery and have my own success story. My gastroenterologist followed up post-surgery and told me that if he didn’t know I’d had surgery he wouldn’t have been able to tell because there was no visible scarring. It was remarkable.”

Hyperbaric chamber therapy is approved by the FDA for use in more severe diagnoses such as carbon monoxide poisoning and crush injuries, but there are over 120 benefits that have been recognized through studies.

Among those it can benefit are people who have recovered from strokes and brain injuries, but Aimee also noted that it has been immensely beneficial for those who would like improvement with mental health, migraines, aging, bone and joint health, post-surgery, plastic surgery and even recovery for athletes.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy does this by increasing the oxygen in your bloodstream and allowing your body to bring more oxygen to the smallest parts of your cells, which in turn helps with cellular repair. 

And healing is the number one priority when it comes to helping her clients. Aimee went on to say that the amount of inflammation people deal with in their body from environmental surroundings, food, or injuries can be drastically reduced by the hyperbaric chamber as it is constantly helping to reduce inflammation and aid in the healing process. 

In addition to offering in-spa therapy to patients, Aimee is looking forward to launching their newest “vacation rental” options: featuring in-home delivery of hyperbaric chambers to vacation rentals and private homes around the area for 7 full rejuvenating days of therapy. Her location will also feature partnerships with other tenants in her building to offer clients complete spa options from lashes to facials and everything in between. Stop in and experience Next Level Oxygen for next-level healing and rejuvenation!

To learn more about Next Level Oxygen and the services offered, visit

Located at 901 Scenic Hwy, Pensacola, Florida.

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