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Men’s Winter Outerwear

Men’s Winter Outerwear

Fashion for Men | Winter Outerwear

It’s Not Just a Jacket – It’s an Attitude

Baby, it’s cold outside making Men’s Winter Outerwear a hot topic! While many of us revel in the chilly temps, others retreat indoors hoping Punxsutawney Phil does not see his shadow next February – or ever for that matter. Nevertheless, cold weather does not justify hibernation. Embrace the chilly temps, and make the most of the winter months in style!


Men’s Winter Outerwear – How to Wear Jackets

Typically, jackets should be fitted through the shoulders and stop at the hip unless you have a broader build. If you have a broader build, seek more streamlined options. The key to styling a broad build is balancing width rather than disguising it.
– Four Pocket Suede Shearling Jacket: This is a timeless design updated with four-pocket styling. Try to find a shearling jacket with a removable collar – this will give you two different looks out of one jacket. This style looks best with a chunky knit sweater, slim-fit jeans, and boots.

– Black Leather Biker Jacket: A classic leather jacket will remain in style throughout the decades. Pair with a white crew-neck T-shirt, slim-fit jeans, and black boots. Avoid pairing this jacket with wide pants, collared shirts, and, for the most part, anything formal.

– Down Vests and Jackets: Both are very low-key, casual options. Pair with chinos or jeans as well as long-sleeved t-shirts and button-downs. You can get away with wearing fashion sneakers or boots with both styles.

Men’s Winter Outerwear – How to Wear Overcoats & Peacoats

If you frequently wear a suit, then an overcoat must make an appearance in your wardrobe as it is the only coat that complements the tailored look. Stick to a single-breasted option because it can be left unbuttoned without appearing floppy.

Proper fit is imperative. Like a properly fitting shirt, men’s winter outerwear is no different. Shoulder seams should end where your shoulders end. Sleeves should grace the top of your hands when your arms are straight down and wrists bent, so the palms of your hands face the ground. Length varies. Because our winters are relatively mild, overcoats should hit mid-thigh to just above the knee. Peacoats should fall anywhere from mid to lower crotch.

– Single-Breasted Overcoat: This is a versatile yet iconic statement piece that is well worth the investment. Wear over tailored outfits during the week, or over a crew-neck knit sweater and chino trousers paired with your favorite scarf during the weekend.

– Double-Breasted Overcoat: A winter classic! Layer the double-breasted design over a suit with matching trousers or a chunky knit sweater. Try to stay on the smarter-dressed end of the spectrum with this coat. Again, this coat looks fabulous when paired with a scarf.

– Quilted Hybrid Jacket: Is it a jacket? Is it a non-traditional peacoat? Everywhere we go, we find fashion pieces that buck the rules as we know them. The quilted hybrid jacket makes my case. Simply stated – it is a single-breasted quilted blazer. This style is a bit dressier than a regular down jacket, yet not as formal as an overcoat. The quilted hybrid is a casual winterwear option that should fit like a peacoat. Pair it with a crew-neck sweater, slim-fit jeans, and boots.

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