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McCollough Institute & Plastic Surgery Clinic

McCollough Institute & Plastic Surgery Clinic

McCollough Plastic Surgery
McCollough Plastic Surgery
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McCollough Plastic Surgery

McCollough Institute and Plastic Surgery Clinic – Redefining the Principles of Precision, Skill, and Caring

When asked, “What is new in the field of facial plastic surgery,” Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough, replied, “A lot is new; however, not much of what’s new is tried, tested, and true.” The founder of the internationally-revered McCollough Institute and Plastic Surgery Clinic in Gulf Shores, AL continued, “I am proud to say that I recently introduced the global plastic surgery community to a long-overdue process. The new method assists fellow appearance-enhancing surgeons in determining the correct facial rejuvenation procedures for their patients as well as the correct point in their patient’s lives to perform the surgery.”

McCollough explained that his unique patient evaluation process assesses each patient’s face using a scale of 0-5 to identify the degree of aging exhibited in each region. He stresses that this unique process guides him in determining how much or how little surgery (or non-surgical treatments) to recommend. McCollough refers to his personalized treatment plan as a “condition-specific” approach and stresses that his system provides patients with a look that is “natural” in appearance. In his words, “I recommend that my patients review their photo albums to see how they looked some twelve to fifteen years ago. That is the look they can expect, providing they follow my recommendations.”

He adds, “I trained in Beverly Hills, New Orleans, and the Northeastern part of the US. I know how to avoid the overly done look that is often associated with those regions of the country. The techniques I developed upon returning to the southeast do not leave patients with the unwanted ‘plastic surgery’ look that drives prospective patients away from pursuing age-reversing surgery. With my condition-specific approach, I am able to give patients a more natural appearance, one similar to the youthful appearance they once enjoyed. They still look like themselves—just more refreshed.”

McCollough stresses that appearance-enhancing procedures do not halt the aging process. This is why the McCollough Institute also has a Skin Center and Total Health Spa where he and his staff offer skin cancer screening. The center’s coordinated efforts extend to patients the most advanced methods of skin cancer removal as well as surgical techniques to reconstruct lingering defects.

To the question, “Is it unusual for a plastic surgery center to offer the latest scientific methods in skin care, skin cancer treatment, laser, and age-defying technologies,” Dr. McCollough replies, “While the Gulf Coast offers many wonders and benefits to its residents and visitors, we have a shortage of professionally-trained skin specialists. The fact that we have a higher incidence of skin cancer than other areas in the country is why I chose to expand the services—to fill the gap and offer many services often performed by dermatologists.”

The McCollough Institute and Plastic Surgery Clinic also provides weight management counseling and other appearance and health-enhancing procedures and products including the latest in cosmetic and reconstructive breast and body surgery. Recently incorporated into the institute’s services is a minimally-invasive fat removal procedure that includes tightening of the overlying skin.

Advanced reconstructive rhinoplasty is one of Dr. McCollough’s specialties. His experience and expertise with this procedure has allowed him to make significant contributions to the global medical community. Dr. McCollough found that many of his patients requesting advanced surgical nose procedures also suffered from a long-standing history of headaches. After correcting a deviated septum or enlarged turbinates, the vast majority of his patients report their “migraine” headaches are either alleviated or reduced in frequency and severity.

Upon visiting the McCollough Institute and Plastic Surgery Clinic, it is easy to see that it is a state-of-the-art facility providing on-site surgical services and after-surgical recovery facilities. Unique to the Gulf Coast are the private, upscale, one-bedroom recovery villas staffed with private duty nurses and experienced caregivers. In addition to convenience, patient safety is of utmost importance. The post-surgery team is in place to provide an immediate medical response to patient needs during the recovery process.

So, the answer to “what’s new in your field” is essentially an ongoing process for Dr. McCollough and his expanded staff. He adds, “We not only focus on providing the most current and reliable treatments for patients who come to us from around the world; we are continually looking for ways to make improvements during post-surgical recovery. Another factor that sets us apart is that recovering patients, who stay for several days, can take advantage of the calming effect of the on-site Susan N. McCollough art gallery where “High Tea” is offered daily. As much as anything, these amenities distinguish us from other appearance and health enhancement centers. I would like to think that our efforts bring positive attention to the Gulf Coast, thereby attracting additional visitors and clients to other businesses in our area.”

Visit to download Dr. McCollough’s consumer information book, THE APPEARANCE FACTOR. Informational video interviews are also available online.

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