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Made in the Shade

Made in the Shade

Coastal Lifestyle Magazine * Trex Pergolas
Coastal Lifestyle Magazine * Trex Pergolas
Coastal Lifestyle Magazine * Trex Pergolas
Coastal Lifestyle Magazine * Trex Pergolas
Coastal Lifestyle Magazine * Trex Pergolas +12
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Coastal Lifestyle Magazine * Trex Pergolas

Pergolas are a hot new design trend meant to do precisely the opposite—keep you cool.

Houzz, the noted website and online community focused on architecture, decorating, landscape design, and home improvement, is calling 2021 “The Year of the Pergola.” These openwork structures, consisting of a roof supported by four columns, are popping up in yards and decks across the country as an ideal way to add shade, dimension, and personality to any home. 

The folks at Trex, the manufacturer of outdoor living products stocked in more than 6,700 retail locations worldwide, have shared four creative ways to integrate a pergola into your outdoor living space.

Define Your Deck

Just like you can with the inside of your home, you can establish separate areas in your pergola for relaxing, cooking, dining, and socializing. Pergolas are perfect for designating an outdoor “room,” making entertaining easier and helping to maximize the function and flow of your space.

Create a Focal Point

If you want to add some drama to your deck, consider incorporating a pergola that captures attention and serves as a natural gathering spot for guests. It’s a great way to add an interesting architectural element to your outdoor scheme.

Add Pops of Color 

Incorporating color is one of the easiest ways to spruce up an alfresco living space. Pergolas come in a variety of finishes, including bright hues that add boldness to your backyard in a big way. For those who want a truly personalized structure, they can choose custom paint tinting to match any desired color, be it the exterior color of your home or the shade of your favorite plant.

Grow Your Garden Up

Create a vertical garden space with an open-top pergola, which works well for climbing plants such as wisteria, honeysuckle, and ivy. If the vines are properly trained, they can cover the pergola like a roof. Plus, the structure itself can be used for hanging baskets. 

Pergolas serve multiple functions and incorporate some of today’s most popular design trends. For example, Trek’s new Pergola Shadow collection features distinctive architectural shade panels that come in a variety of patterns—from geometric to romantic to art deco. The designs offer varying degrees of openness, too, allowing homeowners to choose the perfect amount of shade. Another new line from Trex is the Pergola Pavilion, which features a modular roof system with an integrated gutter. It’s not only architecturally appealing; its aluminum panels also create a watertight ceiling offering complete rain and sun protection.

Here are five popular styles of pergolas.

Old Romantic

This classic pergola design features charming rafters and traditional columns. White is a popular color for it, given its elegant, timeless appeal. Create a dreamy atmosphere by weaving vines and lights among the stringers and decorating with candles and ornate table pieces.

Traditional with a Twist 

Modernize the look of an old-fashioned pergola with a design that foregoes the stringers and features an on-trend neutral color like grey. Furnish with contemporary pieces that feature clean lines and a sleek finish.

Modern Minimalism

Defined by a sleek, streamlined design, minimalist pergolas are often made from metal and are available in fresh, vibrant finishes. These cool, industrial structures can create a stark contrast that, in many ways, enhances the design of the landscaping.

Cabana Style

With the popularity of backyard pools and spas, pergolas are the ideal place to enjoy poolside cocktails and conversations. Replicate the relaxed vibe of a tropical resort cabana by adding flowing curtains to one or more sides. Use different materials to match your needs, such as thicker curtains for more privacy and sheer prints or bold colors for more vibrancy.

Distinctive and Decorative

Etched metal roofs take your pergola from humdrum to happening. Achieve an elevated design with the addition of distinctive architectural panels available in different patterns that also offer varying degrees of openness and shade.

Pergolas are a relatively quick and affordable way to add much-needed shade and style to your yard. They’re also versatile and relatively easy to maintain. Just think how much more time you could spend outdoors with a decorative and functional pergola in your own backyard.

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