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Kevin Fox Sheds Light on the Vacation Rental

Kevin Fox Sheds Light on the Vacation Rental

Kevin Fox, Pensacola Vacation Rental Market
Kevin Fox, Pensacola Vacation Rental Market
Kevin Fox, Pensacola Vacation Rental Market
Kevin Fox, Pensacola Vacation Rental Market
Kevin Fox, Pensacola Vacation Rental Market +3
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Kevin Fox, Pensacola Vacation Rental Market

Kevin Fox, owner of Foxy Vacations and VP of Sales and Development for Olde City Developers, sheds light on Pensacola’s rental market and real estate developers’ response to the demand.

Pensacola, Florida, famous for its white-sand beaches, is now one of the nation’s “most desirable places to live” as reported by U.S. News and World Report. As Pensacola gains recognition for quality living, affordability, and attractions, vacationers and new residents choose this area as their next place to experience.

Pensacola Beach is no longer the only prized local real estate possession or vacation spot – Downtown Pensacola is now a destination in its own right. The city has gone through a resurgence during the last decade, bringing a dynamic scene to the downtown streets. Vacationers now seek Downtown Pensacola rentals near vibrant locally-owned restaurants, retail boutiques, bars, craft breweries, novelty shops, as well as near area attractions including the Wahoo Stadium, Naval Aviation Museum, waterfront walkways, and nearby pristine beaches.

“Pensacola of old was a Memorial Day to Labor Day destination,” explains Fox. “Emerging markets in nearby states are consistently taking advantage of their proximity to and the beauty of Pensacola between early spring and late fall. We are seeing a vacation season that has nearly doubled in recent years, leading to exponential growth in occupancy counts and rental revenue.”

Foxy Vacations specializes in vacation rental properties among the greater Pensacola area. Fox, a passionate advocate for Pensacola, continues, “There is not a city in the south that compares to Pensacola. The balance of the area’s offerings from a definitive beach to a downtown setting creates a synergy that leads to an unforgettable vacation experience.”

Like Olde City Developers, real estate developers are also responding to the increased demand to experience Downtown Pensacola. As the short-term rental market booms, developers are creating new residential products with investors in mind.

Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs) are detached carriage houses or garage apartments next to the primary residence with 400-600 square feet of living space and a full kitchen. These spaces are ideal for the short or long-term renter seeking a downtown lifestyle. Olde City Developers offer ADU add-ons as a part of their residential project off of Romana Street, in the heart of downtown, and a part of the Cottage Collection located west, off G street. ADUs are allowing property owners to have the opportunity to own an investment property in Downtown Pensacola and extending the vacation market beyond the beach. 

Pensacola offers genuine southern hospitality, historic charm, stunning beaches, and vast waterfront views that will color your vacation memories for a lifetime. “You come to Pensacola, and you stay a few days and realize this place is extraordinary. It is more than your typical Florida city,” says Fox.

Kevin Fox

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