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Corsair Trimaran
Corsair Trimaran
Corsair Trimaran
Corsair Trimaran
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Corsair Trimaran

Multihull trimarans redefine sailing with speed and agility. 

Along the Gulf Coast, we have a traditional mindset when it comes to sailing. While we typically see monohull craft (sailboats with a single hull) gracefully cruising by, there is a newer generation of leisure and speed sailers flitting atop our crystal-clear waters. These are the multihull boats known as trimarans and catamarans. Trimarans boast a main hull and two smaller outrigger hulls, while catamarans have two equal-sized hulls. Both are designed for cruising, relaxation, and excitement.

The Corsair trimaran series redefines sport sailing in comfort and style. Built for speed and stability, they can reach up to 30 mph and host up to 25 feet of open deck space. The nimble trimarans sail faster than catamarans, which are typically built more for comfort with spacious interior design and accommodations. But even with an average speed approaching 10 mph, catamarans will still outpace most monohulls. The amount of open deck space depends on the size of the catamaran.

Quickness and a sailor/sailboat connection are the name of the game when it comes to Corsair trimarans. Although trimarans don’t heel (tip to one side or the other) like monohulls, you will often see a fast-sailing trimaran flying a hull as she skims through the water. A trimaran translates each puff of wind into forward speed rather than leaning over further, so it can be more responsive to changes in wind velocity. The tiller steering creates a more precise sailing experience and forges an extraordinary connection between the person and the water. “With the tiller, you have a direct connection between your hand and what the boat is doing,” says Don Wigston, the founder and CEO of Windcraft Multihulls based in Mary Esther, Florida.

The key to the trimaran’s speed is not just its wide beam but also its minimal weight. Whereas most monohulls have lead keels, which often weigh up to 10,000 pounds, the ultramodern design of the trimaran achieves incredible strength without unnecessary weight. Multihulls are typically built with a composite construction consisting of a foam core with a thin fiberglass shell. Their state-of-the-art fabrication also makes trimarans unsinkable. While the vessel, like all boats, can capsize, it takes extreme conditions to cause it to keel over. “Would you rather be right side up on the bottom of the ocean or upside down on top of it?” asks Wigston.

It’s almost as if the trimaran was created with Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast in mind, a place many call the ultimate sailing paradise. Unique in design, the trimaran folds up, making it quick to remove from the water and easy to load and transport. (A handy feature during hurricane season!) It can also enter shallow, less-than-knee-deep water without damaging our protected beaches, making it possible for passengers to walk ashore.

Corsair trimarans are sporty and often come with a paparazzi-like following. “The Corsair trimaran experience is an eye-opener,” says Wigston. “When people, even seasoned sailors, sail on a trimaran for the first time, the most common response is, ‘Where has this been all my life?’.”

Windcraft Multihulls is one of only six Corsair dealers in North America. They match customers with both new and pre-owned vessels. Windcraft has been in the monohull and multihull business for more than 20 years and has created an expansive outdoor showroom where landlubbing residents are transformed into happy seafarers ready to show off their boats. 


Windcraft Multihulls

120 Point Comfort Rd.

Mary Esther, FL 32569

(404) 307-9121 

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