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High Octane : Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

High Octane : Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

High Octane: 2018 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso 70th Anniversary 

When discussing high-performance luxury, most car folks wouldn’t think to include a four-seat hatchback with luggage space in their list of high-performance vehicles that ‘love to spin the tires.’ With the high-performance luxury market typically dominated by full-fledged sports and supercars that look the part, glorious rule-breakers that make us all turn our heads and say collectively: ‘What the heck was that?’ are indeed a rare treat. When it comes to a Ferrari sure to make you look twice, the 2018 Lusso GTC4 70th Anniversary is a beast all its own: part track car, part suped-up speedster wagon.

The 70th Anniversary GTC4 Lusso is a genuinely remarkable design – an all-wheel-drive top-end successor to the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso of the 1960s, complete with an official ‘Ferrari Classiche’ certification. Part of the ’70 Anni Collection’ launched in 2018 to pay homage to seven decades of Ferrari ingenuity, the GTC4 Lusso is an impressive 7-speed dual-clutch monster that is just as impressive on the open road as on the testing track. At the heart of the GTC4’s drive train is a powerful 6,262cc 48-valve 6.3L V12 that more than proves itself in sheer power and acceleration and is capable of zero-to-60 in just over 3 seconds with a top speed of 208mph. The car’s remarkable handling comes courtesy of its active four-wheel steering, a first-time addition to a Ferrari GT. This impressive road management also includes thrust-vectoring control – allowing drivers to turn only the inside rear into a corner to improve chassis handling during more extreme handling events or – you know – if you just want to see what the car can do. 

The GTC4’s name itself refers to its status as a 4-wheel-drive variant of the world-famous Grand Turismo Coupe design and shares similar genetics with the Ferrari FF, though thoroughly upgraded and redesigned. At the same time, ‘Lusso’ translates from Italian to mean ‘luxury,’ drawing even more attention to the car’s impressive split personality. While the car’s powerful engine and handling make it a thrill to drive at higher speeds, it is also great for more relaxed driving, perfect for beach trips and other slow-cruising days. This functionality is evident in the car’s four-person seating and space for luggage, something often lacking in high-performance vehicles of the same caliber. Seemingly referencing its dramatic multitasking abilities, the 2018 GTC4 Lusso comes with unique 70th Anniversary luggage matched to the car’s leather and cloth interior, another feature making the car a dream addition to any hardcore collector’s garage. While Ferrari’s perfect blend of utility and high-speed functionality shouldn’t surprise the knowledgeable gearhead, the 2018 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso 70th Anniversary is a genuinely extraordinary design that is a bit hard to place. The car exists in Ferrari’s past, present, and future, simultaneously – implementing innovations & new technologies in typical Ferrari fashion while showing all seven decades of its roots in glorious detail. Though the 2018 GTC4 is excellent for tearing the open road at high speeds, the car’s real personality comes from its dual purpose… and how you want to drive it.

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