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Destin Artist Sherri Springer • Dancing in Acrylic

Destin Artist Sherri Springer • Dancing in Acrylic

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When Destin artist Sherri Springer decided to focus on art as a career in 2020, she had no idea that a year and a half later, her art would be on display in one of the world’s most significant art hubs: New York City.

“Late summer I received an email from Agora’s representative,” the artist said of being discovered by the Chelsea, Manhattan gallery. “They noticed me online and wanted to represent my work – which was so exciting – an unexpected surprise that I’ll never forget. Getting noticed for your work is one thing; having a prominent New York gallery seek you out is an artist’s dream.”

Though having her work featured may have been enough for Springer, her abstract piece, Ethereal Dance, went on to inspire the title for Agora Gallery’s entire exhibition. The exhibit, The Ethereal Dance: A Winter’s Dream, was held from December 1st to the 22nd.  Springer was thrilled to be there for the opening reception, celebrating with other artists and gaining valuable exposure.

“Art has been an intuitive thing for me,” the artist said of pursuing it as a career and what impact having her art displayed so prominently has had on her. “I don’t like to compare art to other art because individuality is a crucial part of the process for me. I enjoy hearing when people see things in your artwork, particularly the abstracts – sometimes things you didn’t notice, yourself. It is a wonderful thing.”

“Creativity of various forms has been a part of my entire life,” Springer said; “Also, my mom was a wonderful oil painter – trained from an early age. I miss her every single day, and am very grateful she got to see my art develop more in 2019.” 

“While coastal art – inspired largely by the Gulf Coast – is significant to me,” the artist admitted of the impetus of her artistry, “the freedom and interpretive nature of abstract and impressionism is my natural tendency. When making that kind of art – free of external references or restraints – it lets you explore your personal creativity in such a pure way; it’s inspiring.” 

Destin artist Sherri Springer is based in Santa Rosa Beach and her work can be found in several locations along 30A. She is currently taking commissioned requests. Be sure to visit her website, for a wide selection of beautiful and unique original artwork, as well as print options.

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