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Chill Out with CoolDeck® by MoistureShield

Chill Out with CoolDeck® by MoistureShield

Composite Decking by MoistureShield
Composite Decking by MoistureShield
Composite Decking by MoistureShield
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Composite Decking by MoistureShield

During the dreary winter months, Gulf Coast residents eagerly await fun-filled summers in the sun. In typical Gulf Coast fashion, however, once summer arrives we look for ways to beat the heat. We install deck umbrellas, slather sunblock on our bodies, and often employ misters just to enjoy an afternoon poolside. Flip-flops are always nearby because deck surfaces become extremely hot underfoot.

By now, just about everyone has heard about composite decking and its eco-friendly advantages. Composite decking helps homeowners avoid common deck damage including broken/chipped wood, warped boards, and wood rot. Now, what if I told you MositureShield, a leader in the composite decking industry, has introduced a new technology that will reflect heat and keep your deck surface cooler? With MoistureShield’s CoolDeck® Technology, you will no longer hop across your deck to avoid the hot surface and young ones can actually sit outside and play.

CoolDeck increases heat reflection whereby the boards absorb up to 35% less heat than conventional composites planks. This creates a more tolerable deck surface by eliminating a very common concern about the heat that some composite boards retain during hot summer days. CoolDeck by MoistureShield® is ideal for traditional decks, pools, marinas, docks, and piers, and is backed by MoistureShield’s lifetime warranty against fade, stains, and structural defect. Additionally, MoistureShield is the only composite manufacturer extending its lifetime warranty to products installed in the ground, near water, and underwater.

CoolDeck is a surface coating applied to MositureShield’s Vision and Insure product lines. It does not require ongoing maintenance or treatment. The decking installs like lumber yet unlike lumber protects to the core against scratches and stains as well as fade, mold, and mildew. Simply use a garden hose to clean the surface of your deck.

With distinct, contemporary designs each plank has a wood grain and strikes a beautiful balance between natural wood beauty and high-performance durability. Friction studies show that it is actually less slippery than wood. MoistureShield decking with CoolDeck has a class C fire rating which is the same fire rating as wood. As a testament to its durability, you may have walked on MoistureShield products while visiting The Gulf Breeze Zoo Preserve Walk or while carousing Shoreline Park Walkway, Gulf Shores National Seashore, or Scenic Highway Bluffs.

MoistureShield® decking products with CoolDeck make your summer days more carefree while making an impactful statement and keeping things cool underfoot. It is no secret that the addition of a deck increases the value of your home. MositureShield decking with CoolDeck® Technology pays for itself with virtually no maintenance and lasting durability. Long gone are the days of burning your feet, splinters, replacing warped boards, and re-staining your deck.

Locally, MoistureShield decking with CoolDeck is available at Meredith & Sons Lumber in Pensacola and Gulf Breeze. Meredith & Sons Lumber recommends pairing your deck with a cabled railing system. Cabled railing systems do not obstruct your view thereby allowing you to enjoy the visual appeal of Gulf Coast living at its finest. Meredith Lumber is, in fact, the local expert when it comes to building a high-quality deck. They have some of the finest lumber on the Gulf Coast as well as a wide range of stainless steel components. With their high level of expertise, they really are the local go-to source for all of your deck building needs.

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