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There is nothing like the notes of the National Anthem or the sound and splendor of the Blue Angels to stir our deep appreciation for the military and the sacrifices they make to ensure our freedoms. Florida, the Gulf Coast, in particular, is home to many elite warriors. The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association is partnering with the Blue Angels Foundation to raise awareness and funding for our most valuable and vulnerable veterans from all service branches and conflicts.

Veteran suicide is a national tragedy. On average, the United States loses 22 veterans per day to suicide, more than 8,000 per year, and this number is ticking upwards. Why is this happening? For most, there is a loss of hope and purpose. Transitioning from the battlefield to the home front is challenging for the wounded warrior. As they leave the battlefield, our brothers and sisters no longer at arms are left wondering how to navigate the next stage in life. “Our mission is critically important,” says Blue Angel Foundation President Mike Campbell. “We are taking our nation’s finest men and women who have been injured in battle while preserving our freedoms and giving them an opportunity to find a new team, confidence, hope, and purpose.”

The Blue Angel Foundation advocates for a continuum of care, promoting a positive transition for the wounded veteran and their family. Its fundraising efforts help provide our injured heroes with transitional housing in areas surrounded by like-wounded warriors, opportunities to complete their education in university settings, professional networking, and a post-traumatic stress protocol. Completing this continuum of care – specifically the post-traumatic stress protocol – builds hope, a sense of purpose and addresses the silent wounds of war. 

The partnership between the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association and the Blue Angels Foundation is a natural fit. “By joining hands, we will raise awareness about the problems wounded warriors face,” shares Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association Regional Director Nick Lowe. Through sponsorship activities and member contributions, associates of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association will help SAVE LIVES. Each member making a recurring donation of $22 per month will receive a Blue Angels Foundation Challenge Coin. Contributions at higher levels receive additional tributes.

The data speaks for itself. Since the attacks of September 11, our country has lost more than 7,000 brothers and sisters during combat operations, more than 52,000 warriors sustained injuries with 1,680 major limb amputations, and upwards of 500,000 of our veterans suffer from traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress. Continues Campbell, “As a nation, we need to come together as a family on this mission. We need to support the heroes who raised their right hand while vowing to protect and defend our great nation.” 

The Blue Angels will be back in the sky, bringing visitors to Florida and Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association restaurants and hotels. Campbell and Lowe are enthusiastic about the partnership and its ability to reduce the rate of veteran suicide. As the state and country get back on track, 2021 is gearing up to be a great year. For additional information, visit or text FRLA to 91999 and follow the prompts.

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