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Blake Senior Living and Memory Care Center

Blake Senior Living and Memory Care Center

The Blake, Blake Senior Living
The Blake, Blake Senior Living
The Blake, Blake Senior Living
The Blake, Blake Senior Living
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The Blake – Excellence Through Service

The great Booker T. Washington once said, “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” In this same spirit of service and joy, The Blake – a senior assisted living and memory care facility – offers quality living through community. With locations blanketing the Southeast, and locally in Pensacola, The Blake is committed to supporting lives lived to their fullest. Premiering in early 2021, The Blake is currently expanding with two new Miramar Beach and Panama City Beach locations.

The Blake organization grew out of one family’s need for a residence that supported the active lifestyle their grandmother needed. When founder and CEO Glenn Barclay’s search for the perfect lodging for his mother-in-law came up short, he decided to create a space for people who are “strong, fun and full of life,” just like their beloved grandmother. As trained RNs, Barclay and his sister-in-law/business partner have a unique perspective from the standpoints of both healthcare professionals and family members desiring the best care. With a focus on independence, community, engaging activities, safety, and family, it is clear to see why The Blake’s credo is “We Serve Others.”

The design of each Blake residence pays careful attention to beauty and safety. Universal access campuses boast common areas with open layouts, green spaces, and natural lighting. Unique to the Miramar Beach and Panama City Beach locations is an open kitchen concept, which encourages interaction with and demonstrations from the head chef. Along with an innovative dining space, the newest Blake residences in Miramar and Panama City Beaches each feature 124 apartments, of which 76 are devoted to assisted living. Assisted living apartments include one or two bedrooms and range in size between 515 and 1250 square feet. Each unit incorporates a kitchenette, full-sized refrigerator, granite countertops, universal access showers, and large walk-in closets. 

 In addition to modern and tastefully designed spaces, The Blake fosters community through novel and exciting activities. The Blake team selects an annual activity theme around which they plan excursions, socials, guest lecturers, and artistic workshops. 2020’s activity theme is “Hiking the National Parks.” Residents and families alike are invited to movie nights, photo booths, and interactive games that explore the unique attributes of each park’s location. 2021’s activity theme will center around “Great American Heritage Festivals.”

 When residents of The Blake are not participating in the themed activities, they can enjoy a shuttle service for group outings and a car service for individual trips, such as doctor’s appointments. By design, The Blake is inviting for all ages to encourage quality time with friends and families. Many Blake families join their relatives for a monthly “Taste of” lunch. “Blake’s Place” is the perfect location for residents to entertain their grandchildren. It includes a pool table, interactive games, a full-service coffee bar, and a piano bar.

While The Blake is certainly a place filled with the hustle and bustle of activity, it is also a community committed to health and safety. Every apartment is deep-cleaned weekly with housekeeping-service, at no extra charge. The Blake’s staff and nurses have undergone extensive Covid-19 training and are up to date with the most-recent preventative measures. Physical therapy, primary care providers, and rehabilitation services are available onsite. Each assisted living receives a pendant to keep them in contact with the nurses and care staff 24/7. The Blake staff prides themselves in having all calls answered in an average of 3 minutes. Families and clients can rest assured, knowing that all issues are swiftly and expertly resolved.

The Blake is built upon a foundation of love and the expertise of caring medical professionals. Through design and professionalism, The Blake is a residence that supports its clients in living their fullest lives. Now that The Blake is expanding, Miramar Beach and Panama City Beach can enjoy the care and community that The Blake offers. With the highest quality of service and comparable rates, Blake Senior Living is the perfect space for your loved one to thrive both joyfully and securely. 


The Blake at Miramar Beach
90 Ponce De Leon St.
Miramar Beach, FL 32550

The Blake at Panama City Beach
12219 Panama City Beach Pkwy.
Panama City Beach, FL 32407

The Blake at Pensacola
428 Airport Blvd.
Pensacola, FL 32503

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