The MJM 50z is the most technologically advanced production motoryacht available... the first worldwide to incorporate a Seakeeper gyrostabilizer as standard equipment to eliminate 93% of roll in waves underway or at anchor.

And when introduced, 10 knots faster than other 48- to 60foot Downeast designs, burning at 35-knot cruising what others burn at 25 knots. The 50z was awarded “Best Down East Cruiser 50 Feet Plus” by editors of the 2014 AIM Magazine Group (Power & Motor Yacht, Passagemaker, Soundings, Soundings Trade Only, Yachts International and SAIL).

In June 2015, 50z was the first yacht to include fully-opening power windshields for control of fresh air flow. Then for the 2017 model, a sliding glass side-panel enclosure for the main bridge deck was introduced.

50z offers the best of both worlds: The underway fresh air comfort and visibility of the upper, all-weather flybridge deck of a larger motoryacht, combined with ease of single-person docking and maneuverability. And, Those who have operated the 50z in all conditions claim it is the smoothest-running and leastfatiguing boat to operate they’ve experienced.

For extended cruising or for a spectator boat to keep a dozen friends happy—for a boat that doesn’t roll and will hold its position automatically—50z is the best!

The MJM 50z is an eco-smart game-changer featuring advanced composite construction, an innovative layout and the latest stabilizing technology. Her stronger, lightweight epoxy construction results in a very low vertical center of gravity. That translates into greater stability, ISO-certified Category A seaworthiness, and an impressively comfortable ride. MJM 50z is the first motoryacht worldwide to offer the "no roll" Seakeeper Gyrostabilizer as standard equipment. Adding further to comfort and livability: Her flush-deck layout from cockpit to helm combined with side boarding doors at floating dock height eliminates the many up-downs and boarding access challenges of other yachts.

You want to look at your boat with pride and know you own a work of art. A boat that draws compliments on entering the harbor—not a "here today and gone tomorrow" styling. That's why Doug Zurn was chosen as the designer. He has the best eye in the business and created the Shelter Island 38 for singer Billy Joel. A U.S. design patent protects that unique MJM signature look. There are other important benefits of the 50z's sleek profile: Lower bridge clearance, greater stability for seaworthiness, faster hose-down after use, less windage and easier trucking overland.

Key Features
• 50 GPH @ 35Kt cruising speed
• Innovative layout and design
• ISO Certified Category A Ocean
• Advanced Epoxy, Eglass, Kevlar composite construction
• Volvo Penta IPS Docking with DPS station-keeping
• Flush deck with side access doors
• Seakeeper gyrostabilizer
• Fully-opening powered windshields

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