As viewers of HGTV know, for those wanting a simpler lifestyle, “Tiny Houses” are all the rage. According to Leslie Halsall, the owner of Alpha Closets in Gulf Breeze, the tiny house trend is part of a growing trend in downsizing.

“There is a move toward minimalist living, and we often work with people downsizing from 5,000 or 10,000 square feet to 1,200- or 2,500-square-foot homes or condos. People are leaning toward replacing abundant homes with abundant lifestyles, giving them the ease, freedom, and money to pursue activities they enjoy.”

People who downsize want space for the important things in their lives. “Well-designed storage creates a clean and clutter-free environment that gives the impression of the home being larger. The adage, ‘A place for everything and everything in its place,’ is more important than ever. With well-thought-out design, we can maximize existing available space in any room— bedroom, kitchen, laundry, and garage.”

Often when downsizing, people still want a guest room, and that’s where the new generation Murphy Beds come into play. They give homeowners a room that fills multiple needs without sacrificing space, style, or comfort.

“We tell people, this isn’t your grandfather’s Murphy Bed. Originally, Murphy Beds had a thin mattress and were stored in a closet or on a wall with a simple cabinet door. Today’s Murphy Bed has evolved to include beautiful cabinetry with matching side units (more storage) that can be created in a variety of styles. The lowering and lifting of the bed, with a comfortable mattress, is easy for anyone to handle.”

Alpha Closets, winner of the HOUZZ 2017 Service Award and of several national design awards, has created Murphy Beds with library shelves that slide open, fold-down tables when the bed is closed, even Murphy Bunk Beds. “With a Murphy Bed, you create a comfortable guest room that makes the most of existing space without taking away from other uses for the room,” Halsall said. “We have installed them in dens, gyms, libraries, home offices, even commercial offices.”

The beds, like all the closet and storage solutions at Alpha Closets, are custom made. “If you can dream it, we can design, build, and install it,” she said. “Along with Murphy Beds, we create custom bunk beds, and captain’s beds plus closets and other interior storage.”

In business for more than a decade, Alpha Closets and Murphy Beds Showroom and Cabinet Shop designs, fabricates, and finishes projects in house, with installation by professional installers. “Our designers will visit on site to help you create your project, and provide 3D designs to help you visualize the finished product,” Halsall said. “Every item we sell is designed for the space in your home and to fit your lifestyle. We can design to many levels of budgets, from simple white to high-end painted or stained wood cabinetry.”

Alpha Closets Showroom and Cabinet Shop is located at 6084 Gulf Breeze Parkway in Gulf Breeze, FL. To learn more about a customizable solution for your home, call them at 850-934-9130, or visit them online at

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