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Closet Factory – Keeping it Local

Closet Factory – Keeping it Local

The Closet Factory in Daphne, AL
The Closet Factory in Daphne, AL
The Closet Factory in Daphne, AL
The Closet Factory in Daphne, AL
The Closet Factory in Daphne, AL +7
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The Closet Factory in Daphne, AL

With the resurgence of U.S. manufacturing efforts on a slow albeit steady increase, locally owned Closet Factory continues its dedication to keeping it local and delivering excellence along the Gulf Coast all while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint. Driven by innovation, the Daphne, AL closet and storage manufacturer delivers high-quality, full-service, hand-crafted custom storage solutions while adhering to eco-friendly best practices.

Decidedly conscious of what poor manufacturing processes can do to the environment, Closet Factory Gulf Coast upholds its commitment to the community through the use of sustainable products, processes, and company-led initiatives. Responsibly sourced sustainable woods and waste reduction through the use of cutting-edge technologies form the base of their environmental guardianship efforts allowing Closet Factory to maintain a minimal carbon footprint. Stewardship extends through all levels of the factory with a company-wide Recycle, Renew and Reuse program.

Local Labor and Locally Procured Materials

Closet Factory, an industry leader in custom closet and storage manufacturing as well as a five-time recipient of the HOUZZ Award for Client Satisfaction and Most Popular Design Portfolio, keeps it local using locally procured materials to build functional, stylish, and customized organization solutions for both home and office. Skillfully-trained employees – not contractors – work collaboratively with property owners, builders, and design professionals to maximize space and increase storage capacity. Jerry and Lisa Taylor, owners of Closet Factory, understand the needs of their clients. “People spend a lot of time in their homes,” Jerry explains. “They want their homes to be peaceful and inspiring as well as organized and beautiful, and they want to utilize all the space they have.”

The art is in the details. When Closet Factory says “custom,” they say it with pride. Local vendors supply nearly all of the materials used in the Alabama factory. Regionally obtained products make it possible for Closet Factory to create highly customized units for their clients. “We build virtually every product used in the storage solutions ourselves so that we can optimize every inch of available space,” notes Jerry. “We build around [our clients’] needs and offer the most custom options in the industry.” 

From Design to Installation

Design possibilities are endless. Expert carpenters, artisans, and trained interior designers work in concert with clients to develop individualized aesthetic goals, blend cabinetry and design, and work within the stated budget to create a beautiful, well-executed storage solution. Throughout the entire process, Closet Factory experts pay close attention to every detail and design choice.  

From start to finish the entire design and installation process typically takes two to four weeks – this includes initial design consultations, proprietary 3D renderings, buildout, and installation. 

Thoughtfully designed client satisfaction goals are a driving force for Jerry, Lisa, and the entire Closet Factory family. “We strive to be the best company you have ever worked with,” says Jerry. The team takes an uncompromising approach to deliver complete customer satisfaction – ‘driven to succeed’ is an understatement. From master closets to pantries, laundry rooms, garages, entertainment centers, and office space, each storage system is custom to meet personal organization goals.

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