"My work is a reflection of my passion for life. I love people – the relationships between families and friends, both past and present. I am inspired by everyday life,” says Mobile artist Amber Ivey, Lagniappe’s Best Artist in Mobile last year. “My paintings are never planned, but when I feel moved by an idea, I have to paint.” The artist, who was born and raised in Montgomery, was drawn to art at a young age; even as a child she knew she wanted to paint and to teach. “I even started a summer art camp for my friends in the neighborhood,” she remembers.

After college at Auburn, where she majored in public relations and marketing, Amber worked in the pharmaceutical industry. Her interest in art never waned, however, and by 2000 she was getting serious about her art and working with decorators and showing in galleries around the southeast. As a member of the Junior League of Mobile, Amber was able to bring art to hundreds of children through her placements – and this led full circle to once again teaching painting classes in her studio for children and adults.

Today Amber is not only a working artist with work in galleries and collections around the world, but she is also a gallery owner in her own right. Amber Ivey Fine Art, which was chosen as Best Gallery in Mobile by Lagniappe, is the only art gallery in Spring Hill and showcases seven area artists. Painters Donna Davis, Chip Hale, Jenn Meador, and Paula Kizla, photographers Lala Courtney and Al Quiovers, and wood artist Bill Kraus have space in the gallery. In addition, the Old Shell Road gallery houses Amber’s own working studio.

Over the years, Amber Ivey’s style has evolved from detailed acrylic art works, with emphasis on crosses and angels, to a series of Christmas, Mardi Gras, and Easter themed pieces, to a series called “I Love . . . .” which showcased different cities such as New Orleans, New York, and Mobile. She progressed to impressionistic portraits of children and animals, and her work in portraiture led her to the style she embraces today in abstract palette works. “I enjoy experimenting with different surfaces and materials. Metal, screen and wood are some of my favorites,” she says. “My current work has been described as raw and uninhibited.”

Amber’s work – both her own painting and running her gallery – reflects her passion. “Painting is my full-time job, but it’s still an escape for me. I love teaching. My mission is to instill confidence in others so they can express themselves with no fear of judgment.” In addition to marketing her fine art online and in her own gallery, Amber works with selected interior designers and decorators along the Gulf Coast, with Lyons Share Gallery in downtown Fairhope, and is represented nationally by the John Richard Company and Alexander & Victor Fine Art.


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