March 09, 2016
By Bekah Lynn Ryan

Being physically fit is a big part of living on the coast. Sand volleyball, paddle boarding, surf fishing, kayaking, golfing; the list of outdoor pastimes for coastal residents could go on and on.

We caught up with Eddy Henry, a fellow Gulf Coaster and owner of Results Fitness in Fairhope, who has come up with a program for us to do at home. Eddy is all about functional fitness to ensure that his clients are getting the most out of their lifestyle. We wanted to know, is there really such a thing as an effective workout for our readers that simply don’t have time in the day to make a 30 minute commute to the gym and back every day? Eddy’s answer was an absolute “Yes.”

“The gym is great when people go because they’re making an effort. Getting up, driving 20 minutes to get to the gym.” He went on, “However; serious amounts of time are being wasted by driving, checking in, using your phone, etc. Most people today have both a time and budget restraint. If you’re exercising effectively, 20-30 minutes is all you need for a functional fitness workout. Get into fitness however you can and however it fits into your lifestyle. Just get it done.”

In fact, the workout that he created for us doesn’t even need to be done all at once. Eddy is quick to add that it must be effective. You want to sweat. You want that heart rate up, and you need to eat to perform.

Maybe you’ve tried numerous programs to get that quick fix of dropping 10lbs, just to see the weight rear it’s ugly head on the scale a few months later. Most fitness programs on the market aren’t effective because they’re a ‘one size fits all’ product. Henry instead takes a hobby-driven training approach. His advice is to figure out what you like to do in your lifestyle, and capitalize on what training would make your lifestyle better. If a client is putting in more work, they are going to see more results. He says “If you make someone faster on a bike, they’re going to bike more.” Not only will you feel more confident about how you look, but you’ll do better in your everyday life.

This program sample has simple moves that can be done inside, outside, or in your hotel room. No gym pass required.

Results Fitness – www.fairhopefitness.com - Fairhope, AL

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