Just as it did in 1929, when Guy Spearman settled in Pensacola, the pure roots of this historic city continue to draw business and opportunity. With the new Spearman Center, professional offices to be completed mid-2017, Pensacola’s very own Taylor, Warren & Weidner, P.A. and Straight Eight Properties, LLC are building progress on the past.

A lot of history resides at the corner of Barrancas Avenue and Main Street. The Spearman Brewing Company began operations there in 1935, shortly after the legalization of beer in 1933. When Guy Spearman settled in Pensacola in 1929, he quickly began establishing roots by creating the Crystal Ice Company, one of the few ice plant facilities that could handle draft beer at that time because it required constant refrigeration. An entrepreneur at heart, Spearman soon came up with the idea to create his own brewery and the Spearman Brewery was born.

A 21,000 square foot facility of modern architectural design will soon stand at the site of Spearman’s three story structure that included a massive, 75-barrel brew kettle and 50-barrel wood fermenting tank. In the beginning, the brewery only produced keg beer; however, within two short years of opening, the brewery added a bottling house that could package more than 6,000 bottles per day. The new Spearman Center will be rooted in growth. And history! It was one of Spearman’s own custom beer labels, which featured a Five Flags insignia, that later became an emblem for the City of Pensacola. Spearman’s own signature brew, Straight Eight Beer, launched after the bans of “strong” beers were lifted and named after its 8% alcohol content also served as the inspiration for the development company, Straight Eight Properties, LLC. Spearman attributed his success in Pensacola to the natural resources of this growing city.

Pensacola’s own Quina Grundhoefer architects are approaching this local project with a sense of history by designing a building that recalls the warehouse district vernacular with solid masonry walls and large window openings, resembling the office wing to the original Spearman Brewery facility. Brick detailing and innovative spaces filled with natural light will enable occupants to build on Spearman’s entrepreneurial spirit and draw the same kind of success and growth to west Pensacola. The new Spearman Center will follow Kesco’s recently-constructed kitchen retail facility on Main Street with an understated but elegant brick building on the adjacent property. A brick façade that is pushed toward Main Street as opposed to today’s typical commercial developments which set buildings behind vast parking lots is designed to create a strong urban street presence that attracts clients and customers.

Construction of the Spearman Center by Vision Construction is anticipated to be complete by the summer of 2017. The building will contain a total of 21,000 square feet of building area, with a portion serving as the new law offices of Taylor, Warren, & Weidner, P.A. and the remainder reserved for custom design and build-out by tenants ranging from 1,500 to 10,000 square feet. Spaces are currently being marketed for lease by Michael Carro, CCIM and Lisa Compton-Bradley of SVN, SouthLand Commercial. For additional information regarding this development, please contact Michael or Lisa at (850) 434-7500, or by email at mcarro@svn.com or lbradley@svn.com.

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