Motivation - How to Start Your Fitness

December 23, 2013
By Kimiko Wadriski

With winter holidays quickly passing and a New Year peeking over the horizon, it is the perfect time to embark on your journey to higher fitness levels. Many people want to get fit, but have no idea where to start. So we went to the experts.

We asked three fitness professionals how they motivated new clients to begin an exercise program. Use their tricks to motivate yourself and start the transformation to a fitter, healthier you in 2014!

Eddie Henry is the founder of XR Lifestyles, a fitness and nutrition program that guarantees a lean and mean physique. He owns Results Gym in Gulf Shores and Fairhope Fitness in Fairhope Alabama.

What is Your Why?
"When motivating someone to start exercising, you have to find what their passion is." explained Eddie, "Focus on whatever their passion is and show how exercise helps them excel in that area."

What is the deeper reason to why you should exercise? Do you want to play with your children more? Are you a business owner who needs extra energy? With the range of benefits exercise provides, no matter what your passion is, increased fitness will help you live life to the fullest.

Commit to Just Two Weeks
"Give me two weeks," said Eddie, "That's what I tell clients. Once someone sees how easy it is to get results, they're hooked. Whether that's losing a couple pounds or relieving their chronic back pain, the results speak for themselves."

Take some measurements or note what aspects you want to improve through exercising. Commit to a two-week trial run and stick to a consistent routine. After the trial, go through another round of assessments. Your improvements will drive you to push past the "trial" routine and continue progressing.

Traci Mitchell is an ISSA personal trainer and an NPC bikini competitor. In 2013, Traci placed first in the Heart of Dixie Master's Bikini.

Mental Readiness
"I can name several exercise benefits that may motivate people," said Traci, "But starting is 100 percent mental. People can only become truly motivated when they are mentally ready for change."

Ask two questions: Am I ready to change my life? Is there anything more important than improving my health? Search yourself for those answers and then believe in your ability to start moving forward.

Accountability is Key
"You have got to believe in yourself if you are going to make a lifestyle change," said Traci, "If you need an extra push, I encourage having an accountability partner, whether that's a personal trainer or a workout buddy.

Holding yourself accountable is important, but you are more likely to keep your promises when you share them with someone. If you do like having extra accountability, consider hiring a personal trainer. After all, it's their job to hold you accountable in the gym.

Kimiko Wadriski is an ACE-certified personal trainer for her company, Fit Lifestyles of Fairhope, Ala. She is a fitness/nutrition writer and editor.

Make Fitness Work for You
"I always encourage clients to make fitness work for them," said Kimiko, "Find activities that you enjoy, convenient days and times for your workouts, and start with what you have."

Starting with activities you enjoy at times convenient for you will help make fitness more enjoyable and you will be less likely to skip a workout.

Start Now
"There's a saying, "One day and someday are not days of the week." Kimiko said, "You don't have to wait for Monday or the New Year to start."

Begin today! Simple as that. The hardest part of your new fitness routine will be showing up. Once you complete that first step or rep, you are no longer starting your fitness journey; you're already in it.

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