Many fond memories on the Gulf Coast include watching the sun’s fiery reflection dance in the ripples of the Gulf as it slips down past the horizon. Seashells are collected to serve as reminders of special times when we walked along the shoreline with loved ones or perhaps of times we strolled accompanied only by our only thoughts. Visitors and locals alike take photographs of the natural beauty that envelops human life on the Northern Gulf Coast.

Margaret Biggs is a local who captures moments in photographs and nature’s trinkets. It is from these images and objects that she draws her inspiration to paint and write. Born and raised in Pensacola, Margaret spent much of her young adult life traveling the world. She settled in Chicago where she furthered her art education, although much of her style comes from raw talent and divine inspiration. She has the heart of a creator and the passion of an artist. These traits, combined with her love for the natural environment, make for spectacular paintings that clothe the observer in a peaceful understanding of the intent behind her serene imagery.

Her fine art has earned her awards and showings, such as a solo exhibition at the Pensacola Museum of Art last Fall for her paintings and poetry, her 4th solo show at Marty Campbell Gallery, and as a featured artist at Edward Montgomery Fine Art Gallery in Carmel, California. Her work is part of the collection of The Ritz Carlton in Sarasota, FL, and her latest commission was for an oceanfront home on Key Biscayne, FL. She is an exhibitor at Artblend Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, and has been a participant in numerous art festivals throughout the South East. The State of Florida has bought her original paintings, and her healing imagery hangs in doctors’ offices and medical facilities nationwide.

Margaret has been showing her art since 2007 and has evolved immensely over the past 9 years. Her paintings portray waterscapes, landscapes, seashells, flowers, and a series of what she refers to as “holistic” works. These ethereal pieces feature detailed views of the water’s surface, or sections of the sky or sand. Never painting the same thing twice, she may paint the same subject from different viewpoints, showcasing the beauty in all angles.

Imbuing her work with honesty and presence, her willingness to bear her soul in her paintings, and in her words, makes her art personal and relatable. When speaking about the process, she explains that she is sometimes surprised when inspiration strikes. Poetry could lend motivation for a painting, or vice versa. Her work is never forced. It tells a story of preservation and perseverance, not only of the natural world, but of the human spirit.

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