Native son Seth Hargett knows Mobile, knows the restaurant business, and he really knows pizza. Hargett, a 1990 graduate of St. Paul’s Episcopal School, is a veteran restaurateur who honed his considerable culinary skills with the likes of Emeril Lagasse, Gerard Maras, and the Brennan family, before landing a position as chef at the Grand Hotel Marriott Resort, Golf Club & Spa in Point Clear. Moving to the restaurant development side, Hargett formed JUMP Restaurant Management, a subsidiary of Jubilee Restaurant Group, with a couple of childhood friends. JUMP Restaurant Group opened its first Uncle Maddio’s Pizza in Mobile at Schillinger Road and Airport Boulevard, and has recently opened its second, in McGowin Park at I-65 and Government Boulevard near Hank Aaron Stadium. They have plans to open several more over time, but no schedule for expansion at this time. “We’re a young company,” says Hargett, “and we want to do it right, so we intend to let these units mature, and build our brand recognition, before we expand too much.”

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza is one of the nation’s most rapidly growing fast casual pizza concepts. “We are a build-your-own pizza place that appeals to all customer groups,” Hargett says. “Our super-fast prep and cooking time – we can build and bake a pizza exactly the way you want it in six minutes – is another great selling point.” Uncle Maddio’s offers three different crusts, including a gluten-free option, and almost fifty fresh vegetable, meat and cheese toppings, many of them locally sourced. “When we say build you own, we really mean it” says Hargett. “You talk directly to the person assembling the pizza that’s just for you – you say how much sauce, more or less cheese, a little of this, more of that. You get a truly custom-made pizza.”

In addition to the build-your-own pizza choices, Uncle Maddio’s has a menu of signature pizzas, with such items as the Steak and Blue, the Chicken Club, the Jamaican Jerk, and the Big Max meat lover’s pizza, and soon the Thai pizza will be added to the menu. “My personal favorite, hands down, is the Portobello Pesto with Feta Cheese,” Hargett declares. “In the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing back one of my favorite limited offerings for the month of June, the Peach and Prosciutto with Arugula. It’s fantastic!”

Pizza isn’t everything, though, even at Uncle Maddio’s. There are seven salads on the menu, and there are the unique foldwiches, which are just what they seem – folded-over sandwiches with pizza-crust bread enclosing great fillings such as steak and mozzarella, or grilled chicken and goat cheese and more. The restaurant also offers a selection of craft beers and wine.

Uncle Maddio’s aims to please in a number of ways beyond serving great pizza made to the customer’s specifications. There is a rewards program that offers a free entrée for every ten purchased. There is also free delivery for group orders of over $75.00 – great for class parties, team banquets, or office functions.

7765 Airport Boulevard, Suite 120 (251) 639-5010
1225 Satchel Paige Drive, Suite E-106 (251) 461-6460
Mobile Alabama

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