The owners of this stunning Rosemary Beach home desired the look of marble, but understood that natural stone didn’t work with their love of entertaining and red wine due to the high probability of staining and etching. Instead, Neolith – Classtone, porcelain countertops were used throughout the kitchen, providing superb stain, etch and abrasion resistance, with all of the beauty of natural marble.

Bleached and stain-washed white oak cabinetry was used throughout with decorative, raw brass inlay detail on the panel fronts, and custom raw brass, flat bar pulls.

It was very important that this kitchen be functional for cooking. At the same time, the kitchen is directly open to the living and entertaining space, so it needed to incorporate the client’s aesthetic preferences and personal style, while satisfying her desire for a muted palette of natural wood and white. Christy really wanted this space to garner attention from visitors with a theme of brass accents and a heavy use of texture - no drywall anywhere!

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