Photographic artist Lindsey Meeks has spent most of his life reaching far beyond his home base of Pensacola Beach – and always coming back. “I take creative photos for fashion models, mostly swimsuit models, for their portfolios, and I also have a ton of sunset shots,” says Meeks. “I love to travel, and I do a good bit of camping, and I find photo opportunities everywhere I go. One of my recent trips involved camping on St. John, US Virgin Islands, and from there I went by ferry to the British Virgin Islands, then back to St. John. You can get anywhere in the islands by ferry, which is really a fun way to travel. Island-hopping is the greatest way to learn about the people and the lifestyle.”

Lindsey has been sailing in and around the Virgin Islands for over twenty years. “A lot of Pensacola area sailors go down there. You can get a chartered boat, or pay a captain, or you can “bareboat” and bring – or be – your own captain,” he says. “I worked in a dive shop in Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI, back in the 90s, teaching diving and captaining a dive boat.” This most recent trip, he combined to of his favorite pastimes, camping and sailing, and managed to visit a great many of the area’s legendary bars along the way. “I stayed at Cinnamon Bay Campground on St. John, and at Ivan’s Campground on Jost Van Dyke, BVI. Island camping is the best – you’re outdoors, close to the water, experiencing the wonders of nature and the island culture at its best. And of course, you’re close to – and part of – one of the best things about the island culture, the legendary beach bars. Some of the bars I visited on this trip included Skinny Legs, Woody’s, and the Beach Bar on St. John, and the Soggy Dollar, Ivan’s Stress Free, Foxy’s, Sydney’s Peace & Love, and One Love on Jost Van Dyke.” He also frequented De Loose Mongoose on Trellis Island, the Bomba Shack on Tortola, and the Big Banana in Cane Garden Bay.

It’s not all play for Lindsey Meeks, however. In addition to his photography – which is both passion and profession – he works as an electrical engineer. “That’s how I pay for my fun,” he explains. He is able to arrange his work to accommodate his photography and his passion for travel. He continues to learn all he can about the science and the art of photography, most recently working the idea of conceptual photography – about how to make a picture tell a story and ask a question, how to make the viewer think about the question and the answer. He says, “There’s always so much to learn! And I can’t wait to get on with it.”

Lindsey Meeks will continue to travel to his beloved islands and beyond, and will continue to work at this craft and his art wherever he goes. However, Pensacola Beach and its surrounds will continue to call him back home.


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